Ever Noticed The Small Loop At The Back Of Your Shirt? It’s Not for What You Think It Is


The back of the shirt of some men, where it meets with the fold of the yoke, there happens to a small loop. Have you ever noticed? Ever wondered what it is there for? Do not? So to note now. It is there for a reason.

n? So, to note now. It is there for a reason.

On days when there were no closets, these bonds were used to hang a shirt, without getting wrinkles on it!

The trend began with the US Oxford button shirts made in the 1960s and became popular with Ivy League. The name given to it by the manufacturers was the “Loop Locker ‘. Later, however, began to be called loop fairy and loop fruit.

Girls pulling tie guys who found cute, sometimes resulting in the shirt pulling. Many have the loop removes the time they got the shirt home. Ugh, how rubbish.

the trend was picked up by several other brands and continues to today.

However, since the arrival of closets, dressers loops serve no other purpose than a decorative design.

Fortunately, however, there is no YanKing.

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