Eva Alordiah – Last Femcee Standing

If you’ve been paying close attention to the Nigerian music industry, one thing you may have noticed is that femcees come and go. There was once a time when we had a good number of them standing strong in the game. We have listened to the lyrics and smile because they were not only good, but we could also relate. Femcees were fresh, and admired by many, because the rap scene is seen to be something that only men fit. Unfortunately, our femcees seemed to vanish and settle into a quiet oblivion. Now, we think of them fondly and wonder “what happened to so and so?”.

Despite all this, one femcee has remained faithful to the scene and passion. Eva Alordiah has been around a solid number of years. After a series of simple a mix tape that has the most single people not only talk, but interested, and and resources, Eva rapper is set to take the crown as the main femcee of Nigeria with the launch of its first, full-length album 1960 .

Guardian Life sat with the charming artist with talent to talk a little about your career.


Tell us a little about Eva

I’m really a very simple person. I love nature; I love food, but not as much. I love cats but do not have one yet because I have a dog now, Frankie, and have not yet figured out how to introduce a cat Frankie and make them live in harmony if I do get one. I have a wonderful family and the best moments of my life are found.

Some say the name of ‘Eva’ is itself a brand. Tell us about the Eva brand.

Eva brand encompasses many things and not just limited to music. It is also a mark of beauty and lifestyle and I’m blessed to be highly regarded by fans. My fans follow me because they get value. I am constantly thinking about the best way to create value for people who follow me. That’s why create the kind of content can create online and why I write the kind of lyrics I write in my songs. A lot of my fan base consists of girls in the age group 13-24, and this is very good for me, since I lived those wonderful years and have a real understanding of what these girls want. It’s what inspires me when I create a product. I’m always thinking about your needs and how I can serve. What you want and what can I do about as Eve?

You’ve been in and out of the music scene for a considerable number of years, releasing singles, making functions, and even released a mixtape. Can you share with us why they seem to disappear at last?

never disappear in length. There is always something to do, sometimes it has not done very public, but I’m always somewhere. Life itself is in season and a time for everything. As a business owner and an artist, I understand the need to get away a few times to make adjustments, refocusing, to realign with the purpose of doing whatever I do.

they are not known for their music alone, and get into a good number of creative arts. Why is this?

I guess I should say that I have been blessed with a good number of talents, some not yet developed. I realize not get into many things, however, as this can rob any creative person of the power of concentration. Asides music and acting, which is my core, I am also a makeup artist, a writer and a fashion designer. I love makeup. The intention is to organize the connection with at least 1 million African girls around the world. Writing for me is something I remember very clearly that I wanted to do as a child and in the past have written for magazines and blogs, but at this time I also write books. People are not reading more, people especially the younger ones, and this is the sect that holds my core fan base. I thought if I continued then they would love to read me too and if I can get that are then read safely remain in writing.

doing other things asides music is probably the way to stay healthy know?


In listening for 1960, he shared that you were happy for this record because he was depressed and have the finished album makes her happy. Can you share with us a little more about the cause of depression and deal with it?

Depression is going to happen to each of us at one time or another in our lives. It is important that we are having these conversations about it, rather than shy away from it, as we do every other issue that frightens us.

How have tried, and continue to treat depression; First, I understand that I have a choice. I am powerful enough to choose whether to be happy or sad, whether to create or not create, whether it is full of gratitude or to complain. The dichotomies of good and evil, light and darkness, always exist as long as the world does and as a human being, you are responsible for what is happening with you on every point. I have found that depression can become an excuse to not create. Instead of sitting in the chair how much they may be feeling, Garner me hard enough to not rely on the emotional routine too long that I forget my ultimate goal. I pray.

That’s what I do. It is called forth by the faith of those things that are not as though they were. It is an expression of a positive attitude and depression vanishes when it is present.

Was this phase of his life that led to the writing and publication of his book?

I’ve always been writing. This phase of my life was the time that align with my true purpose and found a deeper understanding of why I’m here. Then I could appreciate downtime and used it to reflect, sit in silence and I was able to write and complete my first collection of stories, “11”. Writing is probably the best you can do when you feel depressed. Reading and writing. When you read you are able to override these thoughts feeding your mind and soul new information of great positive powerful that you can even stimulate action. And action is the cause of death of depression.

Speaking of his book? What has been the reception to 11

it has been wonderful so far. All who have read the book appreciates the diversity of stories and I think people do not want to talk about sex. We have things we want to say on the subject, but do not because of the society we live in. I think we have everything backwards, if we must continue to remain hypocritical on the issue of sex.

The book itself is not about sex; which only has stories that revolve around emotions and decisions that treat them as human beings because of sexual acts.

How would you say that works as an independent artist has helped your career?

Majorly I have learned a lot about the business and business in general. I have acquired knowledge that in no way thought he had the ability to handle. I have become a more responsible person, the most important equipment, process management, is about people and emotions. A lot of work, but I’m grateful to. I am a business entrepreneur music and happier for it.

Do you think things would be different (better or worse) it has signed with a record label?

Of course things would be different. Hopefully in a good way. Not much to change, however, in terms of the underlying structure of things, but it will be a step that further enhances whatever we have going on right now

What’s next for Eva? What should we expect?

Come on extensive national tour to promote my new album 1960, which is currently available to fans so they want to pay for it in 1960thealbum.com.

are touring 13 states of Nigeria and then we could go to the African section of the tour 1960. Asides music I’m working on my collection of clothes for women; a ready to use, affordable line I’m hoping that my fans would love. My makeup program on channel “theEvaAlordiahLife” on YouTube also aired 2 episodes makeup and beauty tutorials every week and my fans love when you do, make-up, so it’s a great project I’m focusing on too. It goes on television, but not at the moment.

What advice would you give to other artists who do not fit exactly into a contemporary mold?

you. God first.


Listening to the album 1960 is a journey that moves and calm. To the attentive ear, Eva tells the story of his journey, a little at a time. It is true that this is a new style of this artist, but is highly reflective of the time devoted to industry, and the creation of this album. Hopefully, this really does mark the beginning of great things for the artist, and we will hear more of it.

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