Essiac Tea – Cancer Cure Kept as a Secret for Over 100 years!

Are you familiar with a tea that helps cure cancer !? A simple tea with 4 herbs will help. It is also supposed to have potential against AIDS. Essiac tea appeared in Canada in early 1920.

Rene Caisse, a nurse, used this tea for more than half a century for patients suffering from terminal cancer coming to a clinic in a small town called Bracebridge, near Toronto.

She was paid on things that patients were able to give – from eggs of any product. the return was never given to any patient. This continued until 1937 when he stopped charging anything. She continued to successfully treat a lot of patients without asking for money for this special tea.

But she does not receive any help from the government (Ministry of Health Canada) or any pharmaceutical to further disseminate its tea industry people. She only got harassment and betrayal. She was betrayed by a private corporation, which was asked to help the tea Essiac legal cure.

is worth mentioning that the name ‘Essiac’ could have come from spelling ‘Box’ back, which originates from an Ojibwa Native American who was a healer who lived in the extreme northern borders of Canada. He formulated the ingredients and the recipe.

Origin of tea Essiac

In the 1920s was Rene Caisse RN in a hospital in Canada. He found a person who survived and got rid of breast cancer 30 years ago. When she had cancer, she lived with her husband in a mining camp in the remote part of far northern Canada. When he was taken to a hospital, doctors told her that her breasts need to be eliminated. I did not want to go to surgery and returned to camp.

There was a man who was the Ojibwa medicine in the field had previously told him that his cancer could be cured. He explained the treatment: they are herbs how to choose and culture and how to make tea. Mrs. followed all his instructions and within months her cancer was gone. She lived another 30 years later. Caisse she met when she was old,

ado at that time step father and aunt had cancer Caisse was interested in tea. She asked the old lady about how to make tea. She learned about medicine ingredients and the recipe Ojbway. Caisse successfully treated cancer aunt and step father. His stepfather took a little longer, but eventually was cured of it.

Due to their continued success against cancer, his city (Bracebridge) allowed residents in 1933 to run his clinic from the closed position British Lion hotel for just one dollar in respect of monthly rent.

From 1934 to 1942 the cancer clinic performs the work of this place. She treated hundreds of patients with cancer and charged almost nothing. She continued growing herbs and made tea there and was given orally and injection.

However, Canadian authorities kept harassing her and created controversy around it. According to Caisse, which was the City of Bracebridge along with many famous doctors and patients who helped and protected from the government and from arrest .

She had also cured patients suffering from diabetes. Caisse was surprised by how tea also cure diabetes. Because of all the support, the nurse was allowed to treat patients with cancer (since 1937) under medical attention to the following protocol:

  • it was only terminally ill patients
  • she had a medical emergency or for the prognosis and diagnosis
  • she did not take any payment for their help

pursuant to the Caisse, she never considered to offer their services in more than 50 years of hardship he faced personal income.

Caisse successfully helped many patients with cancer. There are many testimonies of it. Yet people were not allowed to learn about this tea. In 1977, the nurse made an attempt to show the public (one year before his death). I contacted Resperin. She thought that this company will help legalize Essiac tea. She entered into an agreement and then she put aside, and they said they no longer had any role to play.

Actually, Resperin was in control of the Canadian government. The result was that the formula and all information about vanished into thin air.

In the US, Dr. Gary Glum learned about the healing benefits of Essiac tea and began his research to find the formula for the recipe. It was a well established chiropractor in California, which was recognized by the treatment of the world’s athletes to stop.

During his search he found a person in Detroit (who remained anonymous). She had been cured thanks to Essiac tea after being diagnosed with cervical cancer was called incurable. Dr. Glum bought the original formula of it. He visited Canada, where he met Mary McPherson who was a very close friend (and professional colleague) nurse Rene Caisse.

Aid McPherson helped him confirm the authenticity of the prescription formula had. He also acquired a lot of information about the nurse and his work and began writing a book – calls an angel. The book brought the history of the world Caisse and also explained how to get their hands on the formula. After the book came out, the formula has spread throughout the West.

Interestingly, Glum went to self publish your book. It was a great threat to the cancer industry. The editor faced the dangers of tons of wrongful death lawsuits because tea Essiac did not have FDA approval. This, along with his second book – Full Disclosure (revealing the original source behind AIDS – depopulation agenda and human created) jeopardized its existence for some time

He was threatened as follows. way:

  • The IRS made false statements and was destroyed economically.
  • Marshals

  • kept us harass him.
  • A Naval Intelligence agent threatened to kill his family if his 2 books were not prevented from continuous publication.

Currently, only a few copies of his books can be found. However, the PDF versions can be accessed online for free.

During an interview (circa 1990), Dr. Glum revealed that he also worked with Essiac tea in AIDS Project Los Angeles. He said how the authorities allowed 179 patients to go home to die alone. These patients suffered from histoplasmosis and Pneumocystis carinii . They were weighed around a hundred pounds and T-4 cell counts were not even 10.

Project 5 patients were received. DDI and AZT stopped and gave them Essiac 3 times per day. They are the only project which we now live. All remaining 174 patients died. However, the world does not know anything about this because AIDS is about to become a manufacturer of great benefit.

Glum had success with a large number of patients who came to him. There was a case where he helped a child who had leukemia in a very progressive stage. The patient made a full recovery with Essiac tea, but later died because of heart failure. It was found that his heart had been damaged due to previous chemotherapy treatments.

During his research for his book, Glum learned about Dr. Charles A. Brusch. Dr. Brusch was the personal physician of President John F. Kennedy.

Glum found that a cancer clinic in Massachusetts (Boston) was conducted by Dr. Brusch. He used the work of Rene Caisse in his clinic between 1959-1962. He used Essiac tea to treate his own cancer. He also tried cancer son of Ted Kennedy, who was incurable. However, he was threatened with a penalty of life in prison and forced to remain silent.

essiac tea

Dr. Brusch saw the wisdom to remain silent

In this first book on the subject – Calling an angle, Dr. Glum adds information on the experience of Dr. Brusch. Dr. Brusch said he got the conclusions of many patients of different races, genders and ages, suffering from different types of cancers demonstrated beyond doubt that the benefits of Essiac cancer cure. Studies carried out in laboratories 4 within the US and one laboratory confirmed in Canada treatment.

When Rene Caisse died, authorities did not wait any time in the looting of his home and burn all your records. However, his assistant and friend Mary McPherson had some of their saved work along with some autobiographical articles Caisse, which later became part of the public record.

The others who were related to the treatment protocol ingredients and keep a low profile to avoid any kind of harassment.

However, due to the efforts of Dr. Gary Glum research and his books, tea Essiac came out (albeit with some people), but with its own set of warnings.

What are the ingredients of Essiac?

New versions of tea Essaic may have 6-8 herbs, but the original version 4 herbs remains the staple food. The original tea has proven that patients cured since the 1920s is considered best to make Essiac own beer rather than orders placed by grasses history. Herbs can be packaged in individual bags or already mixed in one bag.

  • Cut burdock root – 6-1 / 2 cups
  • sorrel herb powder – 1 lb.
  • powder slipper elm bark – 1 / 4 lb
  • in Turkish rhubarb root powder – 1 oz

All these ingredients When preparing form around 2 liters or 8 liters of tea.. If you want to 1 gallon of tea, simply halve all ingredients.

According to a set of instructions, you should mix all these ingredients properly before putting in the water. Some instructions require storage of the mixture of dried herbs in glass jars in dry and dark conditions and use 1 oz per 32 ounces of water at a time.

You can choose any of these methods, but it is necessary to boil the herbs hard for 10 minutes (without lid). Some instructions recommend 20 minutes. Once boiled for 10-20 minutes, it should be covered with the lid and let steep entire night in heat.

Even in the morning it has to be heated to steam before being allowed to settle. Then pour the tea into the glass. It is recommended to use only steel pans cast iron / stainless steel and glass for boiling / ceramic container for storage purposes.

tea should be kept in a cool dark place before first use. Once the lid is opened, store it in the fridge.

The dose you should take depends on the patient’s condition. If you want to use for extremely smooth or as an immune tonic ailments, take only 2 ounces a day. You can increase it to 3 times a day (and up to 3 ounces each) based on the severity of the condition (especially in the case of cancer).

Once refrigerated, the tea could be heated or hot water can be added before consuming. Tea has been used by cancer patients who underwent other treatments such as allopathic medicines.

But conditions like cancer and AIDS should be treated with holistic methods, avoiding toxic foods, medicines, household items, cosmetics, and even toxic thinking. It is also important that the cancer patient only takes a meatless diet consisting of only organic food. They should also have a lot of supplements sun, vitamin D and vitamin C.

Can not wait to use Essiac tea while living the lifestyle before it really started cancer / other diseases and treated.

Warnings With Tea Essiac Use

The benefits of Essiac tea depend on the quality of the ingredients. You can come across various gouaches tea variants.

According to Dr. Glum, some of the providers are offering irradiated herbs. Some are even using something more like the curly dock instead of sheep sorrel herbs. sorrel grass is a weed commonly found to be illegal in Canada. curly dock has many similarities with red sorrel.

You can not allow the use of something else instead of sheep sorrel. It has been tested in laboratories and the agent of death of cancer cells in Essiac tea was found.

The purpose of other ingredients is working as blood purifiers and synergistic immune reinforcements. It is important to know that Rene Caisse use all parts of bad sheep sorrel herbs – everything including the roots. In fact, he found that his roots were very important in terms of overall effectiveness.

Currently, most of readymade Essiac / herbal tea suppliers are using nothing but sheep sorrel leaves (if using this weed at all). This is because it is both cost effective and easier to harvest leaves weeds time. The roots are left as such for growing more leaves.

should place your order of Landside commercial courier such as FedEx and UPS if you want to avoid irradiation. postal service requires irradiation of herbs.

There is a good chance that it will radiate even when a commercial service (especially if ordered from another country) is chosen. That is why you can not be sure about Turkish rhubarb root. Neither it is native to North America.

However, you may be able to obtain Turkish rhubarb root and sheep sorrel (with roots) grown in North America. A lot of people who have lived through cancer and some have even used Essiac tea to cure AIDS. Others have been using Essiac tea as a tonic to improve your health. But others have complained of being unable to obtain any benefit from Essiac.

The inefficiency is due in part to the quality of herbs. The original four high quality herbs have proven effective against cancer, diabetes and AIDS patients. Nurse Rene Caisse always followed the original treatment. So if you plan to use the Essiac, you must use the highest quality ingredients and follow the instructions of the Caisse.


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