eSalon – At-Home Custom Salon Quality Hair Color?

eSalon helps you find high quality hair color that is specific to your hair. This is our opinion.

What is eSalon?

eSalon is a website that allows you to create the perfect blend of chemicals to your desired color. Most of the time, when you want to color at home, select a color box at your local grocery store. While you can estimate your color results in the box, there is no way to predict how your hair will react to this new color. It is not designed specifically for you; it is designed for any consumer. This color box does not consider the history of hair or the status of your current hair. These issues are easily solved eSalon.

eSalon creates a color concoction of hair that is specifically intended for hair. This program is more than a few questions about what color you want and what color you; These questions help to create a formula that is safe and long lasting.

Once you figure out exactly the color you want, a customized package with all the products you need to dye hair is obtained. The kits may vary, depending on your choice of color, but include some variation of these products:

  • Hair color
  • Developer Volume
  • custom Instructions
  • shampoo and conditioner packages
  • 2 pairs of latex gloves
  • Guard spots
  • stain Remover
  • applicator brush (you only get in the order on your first purchase)

to apply the color, you can use brushes and other tools of any store, but the best results come from using the kit that can be purchased through eSalon.

How eSalon works

Upon entering the website eSalon, which are then placed in a profile creator, helping the team of the company to determine the best chemical treatment for your hair. Your hair texture and hair history play an important role in finding the right products for your hair paper. You will be asked to select your natural color first among three different options. The test continues with questions about:

  • The amount of gray that is naturally in the hair
  • The natural color of your hair
  • Treatments current color currently used on your hair
  • chemical treatments have been administered to your hair within the past six months
  • the last time the color of your hair is applied, whether personal or professional
  • his ethnic origin
  • your eye color

After that point, most of the questions relate to state their hair and how you want to transform. These questions change from one person to another, depending on your answers to the above questions. If you have previously colored hair, you are prompted to select the hair color that is closer to its final color. The company also asks about your hair texture to determine the responsiveness of your hair is, by introducing new colors.

To customize your subscription and order, you need to let the company know how often you like the color of her hair, and the time frame expected by the color of their hair. In addition, it is necessary to let the company know the length of your hair, as this may affect the amount of hair dye that need to supply.

asked to select the color you want your hair to become, at this point. Each color has different options available for the amount of time the dye will stay. Most colors are permanent, but you can choose a temporary dye if the color has one available.

At the end of its assessment, review the information that is about to undergo advisors online. You are able to send a picture of yourself for reference.

With this information, the company is able to send a custom kit for you to dye your hair at home. By using this method, you are actually giving the evaluation of information much more than you normally give your hairdresser. With a lot of information, eSalon gives color products you need to look amazing.

If you are not ready to commit to the color at the end of your evaluation, you can save the results to sort later.

The use of hair dye eSalon

The website does not include instructions for applying hair color, because the instructions are specific to the work of the particular dye. Each package includes customized with a number of guidance and advice on how to apply your hair color instructions for best results. Since you have the option to change the color from order to order, you need to pay special attention to the new instructions when things change.

If you lose your instructions, eSalon keeps a copy of the instructions of your current color of their own. Access your account and find the instructions on the order summary. You can download them to your computer to save or print.

price eSalon hair dye

There are two ways to make your purchase hair color. The best value is by choosing to have their hair color automatically delivered when it is time to change the color of your hair. Its price is $ 10 for subscription, plus $ 4.95 for shipping. Along with the reduced-for color and price, you also get 50% off your first order, if you are a new customer. With the subscription, change color you need, and you can talk to a staff colorist if you need further information or additional instructions. There are no fees to cancel.

Sometimes you just want to experiment with a new color, or maybe you want to see the degree of efficiency of the company chooses the formula for hair. For consumers who just want to buy a mix of color that is independent of the subscription, you will pay $ 24.95, plus $ 4.95 for shipping.

In addition to these two programs, which have the option to purchase the toolkit color for $ 13. You only need to order this package at once, since it has all brushes and equipment you need coloring your hair successfully.

Contact eSalon

Most of your questions to the company can be found on the support page for eSalon. If your question is not answered, you can talk to a customer service representative at (866) 550-2424. The department is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm PST during the week, including Fridays.


eSalon is a great way to get hair dye high quality home, saving you hundreds of dollars each year in hairdressing. The products are profitable, which means that the quality of a salon dye job is obtained, but with the price of boxed hair color.

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