Erasa XEP 30

By Tammy H.

receiving Erasa XEP 30 ($ 160) for review makes approximately 4 weeks. Recently I turned 50 years and have noticed more wrinkles around the eyes and some had begun to deepen and become more pronounced. I’ve been looking for a product that could help reduce wrinkles and tighten skin in the hope that I would look more youthful and fresh.

I have combination skin, oily in the T zone and slightly below the cheekbones dryer, in my lower jaw and neck. I used the Erasa XEP 30 as part of the night and both my routine during the day. In order to see what this product benefits provided, the first 2 weeks, all using this product around the eyes, on my forehead lines around the corners of the mouth and the lower neck. Along with this, the only other product I applied was Truth vitality of the forehead with the autonomy of copper peptides my sparse eyebrows.

I visited the website Erasa XEP 30 to understand exactly what results from this product, you should expect. One of the demands for improvement was that this formula includes neuropeptides line for relaxation. I have not found my lines relax or reduced within 4 weeks he had been applying this product to my eye area, but noticed a difference in my forehead wrinkles. I have also noticed that the skin around the eyes looks firmer and my eyelids look younger.

Some of the measured results indicated that there was an increase in moisture content. I found that wherever applying the product, my skin was dry and flaky. After 2 weeks, I noticed my skin was very dry where it had been applying the Erasa XEP 30. It had started peeling in the hollows of the cheeks, along my jawline and on the base of the neck , so that after applying the 30 XEP Erasa and give a few minutes to penetrate the applied areas, added Ahava moisturizing lotion to those areas. My forehead is oily, so no need to add moisturizer to it.

Overall, my eye wrinkles seems to be the same as before you start using this product, but I’m happy with the tension that seems to be happening on the eyelids and around my under eye area. To my forehead, I did not have to start deep lines, but using XEP Erasa 30, they seem to be less noticeable. My pores appear less visible and smoother in general where I applied the product. I’m not sure if he would buy back this product unless you see a significant reduction in wrinkles in my eye area and prepared a little more skin hydration, I say a little because my skin is oily, so I’m not looking, just a greasy feeling soft and hydrated.

product’s active ingredients include 3 types of formulations relaxing line as XEP-30, X-50 Myocept, and argireline . These 3 ingredients did the work to rest my forehead wrinkles, but did not see many results in wrinkles around the eyes. The patented whey protein cells helped in the production of collagen and to retain moisture and niacinamide (a potent form of vitamin B3) helps improve overall skin texture and reduce discoloration while improving elasticity. I think this has improved the elasticity included in general in the eye area. My skin around the eyes seemed firmer and younger-looking. The patented microsphere polymers and gave my skin texture generally a smoother, more even look.

I hope to continue using this product until it runs out and see if continued use, my wrinkles around the eyes become less visible. I would like the product provides more moisture / hydration and was less drying. It seemed to penetrate too fast so I felt the need to apply more than probably necessary. I can change my opinion on the buyback, if it remains firm, tighten and smooth the skin with continued use.

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