EPA Announces Allowable Radioactive Element Increase In Drinking Water

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occasionally when a government announcement is quiet so as not to stir panic among the masses. Most of the time these decisions are considered prudent and necessary for the common good. Other times it is a covert to appease a matter of collateral damage that can occur backed political and / or corporate decision attempt.

This may be the case with a statement recently issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is established that in case of a national emergency nuclear allowable amount of radioactive concentrations in drinking water are increasing up to 3,000 times more than currently allowed. It is not yet understood why such a substantial increase has been implemented but many are speculating conspiracies that sound right out of a Hollywood movie.

Environmentalists are firing back that not only this amount of radiation definitely cause cancer in humans, but can also be a way for the industry of nuclear energy to legally release more radioactivity environment.


The Guide Protective Action (CPA) is the manual that EPA has developed for state and local authorities to follow in the event of a radiological disaster as a nuclear accident, dirty bomb or an attack on a large scale.

The EPA describes as PAG

“The Guide Protective Action (PAG) Manual contains guidelines radiation dose that would trigger public safety measures, such as evacuation or stay at home, to minimize or avoid exposure to radiation during an emergency. the EPA has developed Action Guides protection to help plan emergency responders radiation. “

Think progress Reports that

“… environmentalists questioned the move, saying that the PAG allow people to drink water to hundreds of thousands of times more radioactive than it is now legal.”

a protective measure with sheepskin

guidelines are based allegedly on scientific evidence that during such an emergency would allow the population to consume without radioactive water contaminated.

PAG Critics say the opposite, claiming many comments pointing the finger at a variety of theories why such a dramatic and dangerous rise would be permissible.

Some include:

“… industry [nuclear] really wants to be able to release more radioactivity and not be responsible for it.” – Diane D’Arrigo, a project manager at the Nuclear Information Service


“it is inconceivable that [the] EPA could now propose quietly allowing huge increases in radioactive contamination with any action to protect the public. ” – Catherine Thomasson, executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility

“… the permissible exposure now being pushed by the EPA is equivalent to 250 chest x-rays in one year” – ECO clock

“the only scientists currently working for the EPA today are those who are willing to abandon real science and distort all their research and findings for political purposes. in private, they will all tell you that no real science is tolerated the EPA. “- Natural News

” given this monstrous proposal, it is unclear what lessons learned from the EPA contaminated water calamity of Flint, Michigan, “- Jeff Ruch, executive director of Public Employees for Environmental


in addition to these comments, some believe that such an increase ridding the emergency area more populated leaving the remaining more drinking water to consume less.

What do

Drinking water will be the next human challenge of natural resources after alternative energy, finally solved the crisis of fossil fuels. Much of the water is being used irresponsibly that will eventually become a reserve of the decrease can not be wasted.

In the case of a nuclear accident, rather than relying on the safety of drinking water permitted as determined by the EPA, there are some things you can do to avoid such dependence.

  • Get a filter that removes all the toxins that include radioactive isotopes such as cesium, strontium and uranium. One of these filters is announced that is called the Big Berkey.
  • If you have the space, store drinking water on their property with at least a supply of 50 days.
  • Keep iodine capsules that protect against radiation poisoning

Much as we’d all like to put our trust in leadership around us, by whatever reason, some intentions may be frustrated. Stay alert in case of any emergency, nuclear or otherwise, always remaining lucid, free from any kind of panic is always a safe and skeptical of what powers are telling impediment.

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