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Endoca produces many supplements and oils from the hemp plant. This is our opinion.

What is Endoca?

Endoca is a company that produces a wide variety of Hemp oil products. More and more doctors are starting to see the health benefits of cannabis, but not everyone wants to feel with the consumption of a high percentage of THC. However, you can still have the health benefits and not cloudy or relaxed laziness. That, AOS where Endoca aims to change the industry.

Endoca aims to investigate and develop hemp oil and extract, allowing their products available to everyone in the world. THC and cannabis are currently not legal everywhere, but the use of hemp oil is. That single mode, Endoca is able to use its manufacturing process to create the right effect for all consumers.

Endoca founder, Henry Vincenty, created the hemp oil products after searching for years to find organic medicine that is effective, durable and powerful against multiple diseases. During his travels, he soon discovered the medicinal benefits of cannabis for a variety of different ailments. Vincenty, AOS science background helped him determine the correct way to extract oil from the plant. By extracting oil, the plant became more versatile in everyday life.

Soon, Vincenty had its own area for cultivation of the plant, extracting the oils as required for different products. Hemp is actually a variety of cannabis, but it contains an extremely low level of THC. THC is the chemical that makes the so potent cannabis while smoking or swallowed.

Products by Endoca

Endoca makes a small selection of products. However, each of these products contain many variations that allow you to choose your own preference. Products include:

  • The oil droplets CBD
    • Price range: $ 44- $ 217
    • absorbs fat faster
  • Capsules CBD
    • price range: $ 44- $ 217
    • easier to swallow
    • vegan use
    • gluten
    • tasteless
  • Excerpt from the CBD
    • $ 254- $ 410
    • paste-like consistency
  • CDB suppositories
    • Price: $ 63.90
    • Alternative to oral consumption
  • Crystals cannabis
    • Price: $ 68.90
    • 98% pure CBD
  • Bubblegum CBD
    • Price: $ 16.00
    • Combination of cannabis and wild
    • gum

Endoca Quality

the problem with the production of hemp oils and products using hemp oil is the industry does not have a quality standard. This lack of regulation enables any hemp oil company get away with producing low quality products, but say they are high quality, due to the lack of the rule.

Endoca take additional measures to ensure that their products exceed all competitions. constantly measures are taken to produce the best type of hemp oil and its customers agree that succeed.

Endoca is so dedicated to maintain and continue a high quality product, your goal is to set the industry standard for high quality products. They want their products to promote a better product for other companies too. Endoca is more than just their own future; who care about the future of the industry hemp oil and hemp as a whole.

Endoca, AOS Production Process

The reason why it produces such Endoca high-quality products is due to the complicated production process. Endoca manufacturing method employs a cold, helping to create a similar composition in their oils to what, AOS found in the original hemp plant. This plant has years and years of supporting evidence to show the effect of healing and health.

Once the Endoca, AOS plants are harvested, the extraction process makes it possible to produce the best hemp oil found anywhere in the industry. With years of experience, this method of extraction causes the purest most effective method with oil.

Endoca lists several reasons for choosing this type of extraction, due to a wide range of benefits. For example:

  • The choice of a lower temperature to extract oils helps preserve the beneficial molecules
  • The method is safe for consumers, soft in the product, and safe for the environment
  • the process is sustainable over an extended period of time.

The products are grown and produced in Scandinavia, which is the perfect place to grow these plants hemp climate. By using this climate, Endoca ensures that each is perfectly balanced oil consumer benefit, AOS.

Contact Endoca

If you need to contact Endoca about your products or questions, you can call 1-888-998-0779. You can also send e-mail to the company [email protected] . In case you need to return the goods or send correspondence by mail, you can send your package or envelope to:

8605 Santa Monica Blvd # 48523
Los Angeles, CA 90069-4109

The company also has international contact information, if necessary.


Endoca is one of the many companies that are trying to take advantage of the use of extracts of hemp and hemp to deliver effective remedies consumers. According to the website, the use of its oil is the key to all health benefits, but without the disadvantages of getting high.

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