Elena Rubin Lighten Up

Elena Rubin Lighten Up

By Kelly F.

as a post-menopausal 52 years old with fair skin who have a long history of freckles and sunspots. I could not wait to get my hands on Elena Rubin Lighten serum ($ 119 in the store).

Lighten Up is a serum yellow with a strong scent of witch hazel. The product is contained in a dark glass bottle and has a dropper for easy application. It blends perfectly into the skin and causes problems with other products -. My sunscreen applied gently over the top

The ingredients include skin-lighteners known arbutina , Kojic acid, extract daisy flower and bearberry extract, in addition to proprietary Tyrostat to reduce skin pigmentation and redness. With this type of list of ingredients, it is easy to see how this serum owes its higher price. But after a month of use, I did not notice any visible improvement in my darks points. I followed the application instructions – using the morning and evening – then implements the additional step of rubbing directly on stains after reading another reviewer’s suggestions. Still nothing.

Perhaps it is a product in which you have to be ‘in it’ for the long term to see results. There is still a lot of serum left in the bottle, so I’m hoping to use all natural inhibitors take effect and make a difference I can see continuing. At this point, however, no buyback me.

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