Efficient Ointment Against Psoriasis


Psoriasis is one of the most common dermatoses , characterized by erythema, papulosquamous changes characteristic location, but sometimes the skin is covered, and some patients can develop artropati.

There are many hypotheses when it comes to the occurrence of this disease -. Viral, immune, metabolic, neurological, genetic and other

Factors that may contribute to the onset of this disease:

– Physical factors – injury, radiation, etc.

– related drug – tetracycline preparations lithium, antimalarials and other

– Infections – usually viral

– stressful situations

Natural ointment psoriasis

ingredients needed:

– flowers St. John’s wort

– calendula flowers

– Handful of yarrow

– olive

– 10 grams of juniper oil

– 5 grams of lavender oil

Method of preparation:

Take a bottle of one liter wide mouth and fill it with flowers St. John’s wort. Also, add finely calendula flowers and a handful of chopped yarrow.

Then add the olive oil. Close the bottle and leave it in the sun to stay for three weeks.

Once the oil gets red has to be strained through cheesecloth.

After that you need to add both juniper and lavender oils. Remember to mix everything well.

How to use:

Apply the resulting oil on the affected area (s) once or twice a day.

This oil can also be used against other skin diseases such as lichen, eczema, dry skin, scabs, burns, etc.

Wounds should be washed with chamomile tea.

The diet is very important if you suffer from psoriasis. That’s why you should not eat potatoes, white beans, oats, sugar, pasta, pork fat, bananas, pears, alcohol, coffee and also should not smoke.

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