Effective home remedies for intestinal parasites

A parasite it is an organism that lives at the expense of another of a different species, feeds on it and can cause significant damage or injury without giving it any benefit. The intestinal parasites are varied, one very common is an infection caused by a worm, Enterobiusvermicularis.

Specifically, in this infection What happens is that, once it enters the digestive system through the mouth, the eggs of the worm are incubated in the small intestine. In turn, the larvae continue moving towards the large intestine, where they become adults. On the other hand, the females move towards the rectum and the anus, usually at night. There they lay their eggs, which adhere to the edges of the anus and the skin around them. The complete cycle lasts approximately one month.

Pinworm infections occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

These intestinal parasites They spread easily. The vehicles to transmit the eggs are most commonly the hands of the children, since they generally scratch the affected area, due to the itching they feel. The eggs are stuck under the nails and the fingers can take them back to the mouth, starting the cycle again. The eggs can end up deposited in different surfaces, in which they survive up to two or three weeks, as bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, toys and sand in the parks. This type of earthworm affects humans; it does not advance or become domestic animals, although these can be transmitters of other types of parasites.

What to do if the children have this parasite?

Here are some natural remedies, which not only serve to eliminate these annoying intestinal parasites, but also serve to prevent infections:

Yogurt to eliminate intestinal parasites. Prebiotics

One of the remedies to treat parasites and microorganisms that attack the intestinal flora are foods rich in prebiotics that help replenish the good natural bacteria of the intestinal flora. These foods include plain yogurt, kefir, dark chocolate, pickled cucumbers, miso soup, fermented vegetables.


Due to its content of papain enzymes, it also has vermifuge properties (to expel parasites from the body). We can use it in the following ways: With apple cider vinegar: make a papaya puree and add a little apple vinegar, drink the mixture on an empty stomach. With honey: in this case, we mix a spoonful of papaya juice with one of honey and two of water. Once we have mixed it, we take a teaspoon on an empty stomach.

Pumpkin seeds or seeds.

Pumpkin seeds for parasites.

Thanks to Cucurbita, pumpkin has anthelmintic properties, prevents and eliminates intestinal parasites. It is advisable to take a spoonful of pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach until the parasites disappear.

Milk, garlic, mint, wormwood and honey.

With these ingredients, we develop another home remedy that gives good results to help eliminate intestinal parasites. Prepare by adding to a glass of milk, three cloves of crushed garlic and a spoonful of mint juice, one of wormwood juice and another of honey. Take a quarter cup on an empty stomach.


It is a plant with vermifuge properties, with very mild active ingredients such as thymol and eucalyptus, making it ideal for children. Make an infusion with this plant, and in the case of children, administer two tablespoons three times a day.


It is an excellent plant to eliminate intestinal parasites. You must grind the plant to powder and take one gram a day sweetened with honey.


Their infusions can help to expel the worms in children. Prepare an infusion with one tablespoon of thyme per cup of water. Let it sit for ten minutes and take it three times a day.

It is very important to emphasize that, in the face of this type of discomfort and other complications related to intestinal parasites, it is best to go to your trusted health specialist. They will be responsible for administering an effective treatment suited to their needs that can be really effective in counteracting the discomfort you feel with the parasites. It is more advisable to have a periodic check-up at least every three months to see its evolution and cure for the disease.

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