Eat More Red Onion: It Kills Cancer Cells, Stops Nose Bleeds, Protects The Heart

You could think of red onions, which is a ratio of love- I hate relationship with most people because some can not stand the smell, while others can not do without it; You will have to recognize that it has medicinal properties that are very beneficial to health.

Although it is great to include red onions in your meals to cook, it is actually better to consume raw as cooking destroys its active properties.

would be even nicer if eaten as a side dish for a meal, like for your salad for example.

Here are 7 benefits of consuming red onions.


  1. He will help regulate diabetes

When raw red onions are eaten to increase production body insulin and, indeed, that helps regulate sugar levels in the blood that is vital to pre-diabetic and diabetic people.

  1. can take care of your sore throat problems

can take over your sore throat, cough and common cold problems with red onions and flu traditionally been used for this purpose for centuries.

  1. It will destroy cancer cells

red onions are rich in sulfur compounds that helps destroy certain cancer cells, he is not afraid to eat them.

  1. helps deal with constipation problems

red onions are rich in dietary fibers that help ease the concerns of constipation, as well as aids detoxification of the intestines.

  1. red onions Help nosebleed

Smelling red onions will give teary eyes but also help to stop bleeding from the nose.

  1. helps regulate cholesterol levels

You can adjust your cholesterol levels and greatly reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) when they consumed raw red onions.

  1. red onions help protect your heart

can regulate blood pressure and, in effect, prevent coronary heart disease when consumed raw red onions.

Source: weekly Healthy life

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