Easy home remedies for swollen feet

Swollen feet are a common problem, especially after a tiring day, when you take off your shoes and notice that your feet have doubled to the end and that finding a quick fix becomes difficult. Well, do not worry, we have found some incredible remedies to heal swollen feet.
This painless swelling is quite common and can happen to anyone, but it is more common among pregnant women. If you also swell your feet quite frequently, it is better to keep in mind some home remedies. Swelling occurs when excess fluid accumulates in the feet. Discovering the reason behind the swelling is more important, as it can be caused due to numerous reasons, including poorly fitting shoes, wearing high heels all day, lifestyle on the desk, sports injuries, obesity and infections, among others things.

Swollen feet

If you have swollen feet quite often, it is best to have a professional review it, as it can be a sign of serious health problems, but if it is not due to any serious medical problem, home remedies can become your salvation.

Try these home remedies and see which one is best for you!

Compression socks
The best remedy is to prevent the swelling from occurring in the first place. Compression socks are very useful for this. These socks provide compression, as the name implies and prevent body fluids from accumulating on your feet. The blood on your feet gets a boost and circulates well, therefore, it helps relieve pain and pain in your feet. Wear these socks when you go out and it is best to use them in the morning and take off at night.

Epsom salt
This home remedy is the best and the most common. It has been used for centuries to cure all kinds of pains and can be found in any pharmacy near your home. Soak your feet in a bathtub filled with water and Epsom for 15-20 minutes. This salt contains magnesium sulfate which, when dissolved in water, penetrates the body through the skin and relieves pain and swelling. It also relaxes your body, which leads to an increase in blood flow. Good blood circulation can help you avoid swelling of the feet in the future.

People who are overweight or suffer from obesity often swell their feet. It is due to the pressure that your feet have under, therefore, it is important to reduce blood circulation in that area. Stress in the feet along with bad blood flow can lead to swelling. You must maintain a good BMI, so consult your doctor and take a journey towards healthy weight loss to avoid recurrent swelling among other problems.

Contrast bath therapy
For this remedy, all you need is water. For swollen feet, contrast bath therapy is performed by immersing the feet in a bathtub with hot (not boiling) water. Soak for 10 minutes, quickly switch to cold water and soak for another 10 minutes. Finally, return to the hot water and let soak for 5 more minutes. The contrast in temperatures helps to dilate and make contact with the blood vessels, which results in smoother and better blood circulation, and releases it from inflamed feet.

Soak feet

Baking soda and rice water
Both ingredients are good for swollen feet on their own, but a combination of these two can relieve your swelling instantly. You can prepare a cube with these two ingredients or make a paste with your mixture. Use them for 15-20 minutes to relieve swollen feet. Sodium bicarbonate provides anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and also relive pain; Rice water sponges the accumulation of liquid on the feet. Together, they stimulate blood circulation, which helps relieve swelling.

Lemon water
Drinking lemon water every day can help eradicate the possibility of swollen feet while eliminating toxins and excess fluid present in the body. The excess liquid is rinsed so the risk of swelling of the feet is outside the window.

Cinnamon And Lemons

This soothing sensation during the night to mitigate the swelling of the feet is ideal for pregnant women, since they can not avoid diverting the possibility of contracting them and suffering them for a longer time. Create a paste with cinnamon, lemon, milk and olive oil and apply a generous layer on the swollen feet. Leave it overnight to soothe the pain and swelling. Lemon, cinnamon and olive oil have anti-inflammatory properties along with many other benefits and the application during the night helps the skin absorb all these beneficial properties. Relieves pain, reduces swelling and nourishes the skin.


You must have heard that they are excellent for your swollen eyes, but did you know that they can also provide relief to your swollen feet? The name cucumber sounds like a relaxing bell in our mind and for all the right reasons. Since drinking water is one of the ways to help reduce the chances of swelling of the feet and cucumbers are 90% water, they are an obvious relief method. In addition to the water content, cucumbers also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps eliminate excess fluid, thus reducing swelling. In addition to increasing fluid intake with cucumbers, one way to use them is to cut the slices and place them in the inflamed area and wrap a bandage lightly over them to keep them in place. You can also extract cucumber juice and apply it to swollen feet.

Follow these to have happy feet!
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