East Africa’s Top Instagram Babies

Being on Facebook and Instagram is fine for those who have voting cards, but why a parent means opening an account social communication for a two-year-old is not out of diapers?

Even a five year old, almost can not understand all the fuss of having 1,000 followers on Instagram. O strange lovers like images and publications. And in this age of cyber, cyber p0rn minor bullying, cyber crime, stalking and child-napping digital, where your pictures are ‘stolen’ for ads and consequent dangers of being overexposed on social networks, father should not shield their children from overexposure to the outside world?

After all, a jilted ex file could be after the lives of their children online with very sinister intentions of hurting where it hurts. With social media, there is a fine line between privacy and security.

take the daughter of Tanzanian musician diamond Platnumz, Tiffah. She had 20,000 followers in Intagram 24 hours after birth in 2015.


Currently, it has about 740,000 followers Instagram with photos ranging from being with their parents to the gifts he has received.

security analyst Richard Tuta warns that uploading photos on Instagram, even when they do not want to share out, means “having no control platform and photos of your home to get the public domain and anyone intending to attack you might know how to go about it and what to expect. “

But local celebrities seem aware of these dangers and many have photographs hung from their babies in Instagram.

The former musician and radio host, the son of Talia Oyando Letter Onyango, is Instagram.

Fear engagement letter is three years. He has 3,263 followers, although still only 24 people. Your Instagram shows in various playful ways at home, go to school and with friends. The photos with her parents and other relatives extending as a child.

popular fashion stylist and blogger, daughter of Silvia Njoki, Nielsine Muthoni, commands 3,400 followers on Instagram.

She is only five years old. But the following is linked to the fact that she could be one of the youngest fashionistas in Kenya. If fashion is a person who is dedicated to fashion, especially haute couture, then your pictures on Instagram will give you an idea why her mother is a stylist of note, besides winning the award for best 2014 Blog fashion when Muthoni was only one year, seven months old.


What I got your baby in Instagram, Njoki says “I just show my daughter with costumes” and that when she started her fashion blog, “It was baby style, so of course I had to publish pictures of her wearing my creations. As quickly discovered, my beloved readers to see it. I was encouraged to also post photos of their costumes worn he had bought. I’ve even created a segment my blog called Baby Style. “

While children have no say when their accounts opened Instagram parents, Njoki said Pendotalk that,” I have never regretted that I made that decision for Nielsine, but when it grows old enough to express their own opinion, I will of course respect it, even if it means exposing it more in social networks. ”


Then there is the daughter of musician rabbit, Gweth, has 4,500 followers on Instagram with most of their messages appear as a family album, with regular appearances of his father, and comments appreciating its beauty.

son ​​of DJ creme de la creme of, Jamari, is another success in Instagram.


His account provides a breakthrough in his life; home, school and family fun, plus the occasional inspiration message. In a photo, reminiscent of his followers to always smile. Jamari is about three years and now has more than 5,000 followers on Instagram.

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