Early Signs of Pregnancy

There are several signs of pregnancy that can create confusion individually, but together, these signs are clear indication of pregnancy.

failed menstrual cycle

the most common sign of early pregnancy is missed menstrual periods. However, only menstrual cycle does not prove that pregnant was lost. In some cases, the periods may be irregular or later. In the first three months, most women experience slight bleeding. The slight bleeding is also a symptom of miscarriage. So do not forget to check with a doctor if you are suffering from slight bleeding.

Morning Sickness

Fatigue is another common symptom of pregnancy. Women become more tired by engaging in regular activities than usual. more energy is required for the physical changes that are required in pregnancy. You may also have some common hormonal changes such as flu and vomiting. These changes are commonly termed as morning sickness. Morning sickness in other common problems include constipation, gas and nausea. For fourteen first week these symptoms grow at a faster pace. Some women suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy.

In some rare cases, morning sickness becomes very severe and women are not able to consume adequate nutrition. Usually they suffer from dehydration and weight loss problems. This rare case arises only in one woman in 300.

morning sickness remedies

Women It should slowly rise in the morning instead of jumping and running out the door. It will also increase your sleep and hours of relaxation to reduce morning sickness. Always be stress free environment.

Changes in the breast and frequent urination

Changes in eating habits and breast changes are also common signs early pregnancy. frequent urination also occurs at the time of start and end of pregnancy.


Pregnancy also affects your digestive system and cause constipation. Drinking excess water and exercise are the only solution of constipation. You should not select intense exercise during pregnancy.


Some women fade during pregnancy. This is not a problem up to four months. After four months, you should consult with your doctor.


Pregnancy headache is the most common problem that pregnant women face in the first four months. Headache is a common problem that is not hazardous to health. If preeclampsia or toxemia also begins with a headache then the situation can become critical. In this situation, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


Heartburn is also a common symptom that has to be faced by pregnant women throughout pregnancy. In that case, the woman should prefer six small meals instead of three large meals. This is the only solution to reducing heartburn. Most of the problems faced in the first four months later everything returns to normal. In some cases, if the energy level becomes not normal, then it is necessary to interact with a medical expert.


Backaches are experienced by pregnant women in the first place for months. This is also a common symptom that occurs during early pregnancy.

The most common way to identify early pregnancy style is to go for a pregnancy test. This test measures hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the body. Pregnancy test uses a chemical strip. When urine is mixed with the chemical, the strip color is modified. This color indicates positive or negative result of pregnancy.

In modern matrix solution is early pregnancy tester. They are very easy to operate. Just follow the recommended instructions. Within a few minutes, you can confirm either pregnant or not. This is the easiest solution to check early pregnancy. In some cases, the results may be incorrect. It would be better to go to a clinical trial to ensure pregnancy.

There should be preferred pregnancy test on the first day of the menstrual cycle. Wait at least ten days for the HCG level can be easily detected in urine. Some doctors also suggest blood tests to confirm pregnancy. If you are pregnant, then all of the above symptoms are also experienced by the pregnant lady. To some extent, these symptoms are normal in every pregnant woman. But a common problem, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Sometimes these symptoms can also affect the health of your baby. Mother is unable to conceive a healthy child. In order to conceive a healthy baby, you need to follow proper diet chart. Only a good diet ensures that all the necessary nutrients required for the baby. Also you are taking supplemental vitamins or proteins to conceive a healthy baby. Dietary measures should be followed, not only for the mother but the father also. healthy sperm also leads to a healthy baby.

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