Early Signs of Miscarriage

A miscarriage estimate is best defined as the end of a pregnancy before twenty weeks of gestation during the period usually three months. This occurs early before the fetus becomes mature enough to support life outside the womb. Most miscarriages often occur before the woman loses her first period and therefore in this period that does not know whether or not pregnancy. Therefore, it is much more essential for any woman who has become pregnant arrangements to be much more aware of the signs and symptoms of spontaneous abortion, so they can seek appropriate care and assistance much easier.

Early Signs of Miscarriage

mISCARRIAGES ALWAYS happen in two ways namely

threatened miscarriages: with mothers threatened abortion spontaneous often have one or two signs of miscarriage, but since they are only mild then such mothers carry their babies to birth

incomplete miscarriages: in this mothers have several signs of miscarriage, such as bleeding and severe cramping, while your body is still with some tissue in the uterus, which in most cases dilation may be the only solution to that problem.

In most cases of miscarriages, many signals are much identical to the signs of pregnancy and normal symptoms and therefore mothers are strongly advised to be careful not elope visiting expert on health care in order to allow proper verification of the status of the pregnancy.

generally are symptoms MISCELLANEOUS MISCARRIAGE and these include the following:

possibilities ectopic pregnancy

there may be complications such as ectopic pregnancy that cause such signs and symptoms that may endanger both the baby and the mother.


Cramps can be evident in the lower abdomen or in some cases you may feel in pelvic region and thus becomes one of the first signs of miscarriage in any pregnancy. For most cases in situations of ideal life, normal very slow and always expected cramps is called normal, but care must be taken especially if it comes with heavy breathing therefore require the services of a medical emergency .


Heavy bleeding also means that there could be a miscarriage in pregnancy even in normal situations mothers you can see some form of intermittent bloodstains that may not require the services of a doctor at all.

Pain in the lower back

During the first days of pregnancy, the mother may experience pain acute often is one of the signs of miscarriage as pain could it can spread and be felt in the pelvic region or lower back of the mother and therefore care services should be sought in order to address the problem before it gets worse.

Blood clots

blood clots in most cases do not exceed the vagina for a normal pregnancy and therefore if such a thing happens for a mother, then this becomes one of the signs of miscarriage, that if approached much earlier so that the life of the mother is assured while the fetus is well kept .

The movement of the fetus stops

The movement of the fetus after the fourth month has always been a good development baby and therefore if the movement stops suddenly and becomes permanent then becomes automatically a sign of miscarriage.

Feeling of heaviness in the stomach

Some mothers may even have a heavy feeling in the stomach or the pelvis in the period of the first three months of pregnancy. These signs and symptoms often occur under threatened miscarriages; which they can be treated much earlier and therefore allow to prevail healthy pregnancy.

Bleeding at different times

Bleeding usually occurs during the normal period or even at different times of month means an early symptom of spontaneous abortion, while others have severe bleeding who spend more than an hour and requires the use of more than one towel can also become an early sign of miscarriage.

baby ultrasound not detected

Moreover ultrasound baby can not be detected at all and therefore , it must be resolved by an expert in health care, which is among the early symptoms of pregnancy.

hormonal / genetic factors imbalances

There are several causes of miscarriages and include hormonal imbalances, immune causes, infections, viruses, and other systemic disorders genetic factors associated with the human body and influencing the central nervous system.

Carelessness mother

Miscarriages can occur due to carelessness of the mother you can come without her knowing it at all, because most pregnancies are not known much earlier than that can provide the best care life in order to protect the developing embryo.

bad habits and lifestyle

bad habits and lifestyles, and consumption of drugs, smoking, malnutrition among others contribute greatly to the increase in early miscarriages, occurring due to the demands of pregnancy can be either provided by the mother and therefore these results are not lost at all. For some cases, however, the age of the mother can not be a good and healthy one; you can put up with the needs of pregnancy and other requirements, as this often lead to miscarriages.

Effects of previous miscarriages

For some of the mothers however, there can be a number of abortions involuntary in life and therefore advice to them should be provided on such issues so they can avoid various reasons unknown to them that eventually provide a very good pregnancy and expected.

Take the advice of doctors

Finally, it is advised mothers to visit a doctor in order to allow a pelvic exam done, as it will be able to find signs such as thinning of the cervix, increasing cervical dilation and other signs such as rupture of membranes such as these can be prevented life before threatening mother and baby. The doctor will also provide the necessary guidance based on the magnitude of the signals that are, as it will reduce a lot of pain that often occurs and tend to adversely affect the health of pregnant mothers.

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