Dunaliella Salina – Red Marine Phytoplankton Algae

Dunaliella salina is a green alga best known for turning red lakes worldwide. Today, algae are being studied for various health benefits.

What is Dunaliella Salina?

Dunaliella salina is a micro-green algae are typically found in the fields of sea salt worldwide.

Have you ever seen pictures of red lakes appear on the Internet? In most cases, the lakes are red due to the Dunaliella salina.

In recent years, however, the algae has been studied for its health benefits . The algae produces high levels of carotenoids, powerful antioxidants that are then used in cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Carotenoids, incidentally, are the same compounds resulting from their orange carrot and red tomatoes.

Studies of algae can actually dates back as far as the USSR in 1996. Then you will realize what is special saline.


Specific species of algae called Dunaliella salina is a prominent place in Australia. Today, most algae in the world comes from farms in Australia, where farmers create huge saline ponds and allow the proliferation of algae.

However, Dunaliella salina growth has been observed in the saline lakes around the world, including the Dead Sea.

How Dunaliella Salina I work?

What makes Dunaliella salina special? Well, some living organisms can survive in the environment of high salt content of the salt. In order to survive, the algae need to release high levels of beta-carotene.

This beta carotene helps protect against algae from strong light and other environmental damage.

At the same time, algae produces high concentrations of glycerol to protect against the osmotic pressure.

High levels of glycerol, beta-carotene and antioxidants give Dunaliella salina its health benefits. However, some also believe that algae could have a promising future as a bio-fuel.

know that you can create bio-fuel out of algae Dunaliella salina. The main challenge today is that it is too expensive to produce. – Which means it is not a good alternative to fossil fuels, taking off the ground to produce biodiesel

Dunaliella Salina and Australia

Australia is at the forefront in terms of growth of algae Dunaliella salina.

A recent article on remote Pilbara region of Western Australia discussed how local governments are forced to innovate after iron ore prices plummeted in the region of heavy resource.

Farmers in the mineral-rich region decided to look into the creation of Dunaliella salina, described as a “type of microalgae … renowned for its antioxidant properties.”

A Pilbara region around Port Hedland was recently chosen by a company called Laboratorios interclinical. That company created plankton farms in the region specifically to grow Dunaliella salina.

The algae grows naturally in salt lakes of Australia, so it is expected that commercial cultivation will be even more successful in the area.

founder interclinical, Ian Tracton, says the region was perfect for growing algae:

“We were looking for a place with a lot of sunny days and cloudless hot and that is what provides the Pilbara region. we are the only flower in the area, surrounded by the resource industry almost everywhere. “

in the future, plankton farms could be the forefront in terms of commercial cultivation and production supplement retail Dunaliella salina -. because there are supplements on the market today

As discussed below, the ICL Health (the company behind plankton Farms) has already brought a charge of Dunaliella in the market.

Scientific Evidence Dunaliella Salina

One of the best sources of scientific evidence to Dunaliella salina comes from this summary 100 years of research Dunaliella published online in July 2005. the author of that study, Aharon Oren, titled his book “One Hundred years of research Dunaliella :. 1905-2005”

Here are some of the main findings of the study:

– the genus Dunaliella was first described in 1905, so that the author chose to a summary of the research in 2005. the algae was seen and described in 1838 in “evaporation ponds saltern in the south of France” first

– the pigment responsible for coloring the only red alga Dunaliella is a carotenoid. However, it has been observed that algae having all kinds of different colors. Since a study is described: “[Researchers] realized that masks carotene chlorophyll, so the chloroplast can assume all shades of orange-red to yellow-green, olive green.”

– The algae grows optimally at concentrations between 2% and 8% salt, and shows very slow growth (if any growth at all) at salt concentrations above 15%


– One of the unique features of Dunaliella is that the cells lack a rigid cell wall and the cell is closed by an elastic membrane thin plasma. This is why the cell morphology is strongly influenced by osmotic changes.

Currently, Dunaliella studies being conducted to determine the health benefits of algae – including whether it is sustainable or can not be extracted profitably. Stay tuned to learn Dunaliella can help you enjoy significant health benefits in the future.

Dunaliella salina nutritional supplements

Dunaliella salina nutritional supplements are not common today -. But can be found online and in some health food stores

Amazon, by example, sells this supplement Algotene Dunaliella Salina marine phytoplankton ICL Network Health -. The same company that created the agricultural operation in Western Australia that we have spoken above

This supplement is committed to supporting healthy skin, eyes and immune system functionality, working as a powerful source of antioxidants, carotenoids and nutrients. Each capsule contains 500 mg of pure whole, Dunaliella salina, dried.

you can also be found at Costco Dunaliella supplements, including the supplement Country Life Natural Beta Carotene containing 25,000 IU of vitamin A compounds.

Although Dunaliella supplements are not exceptionally popular today, can be expected to be more popular in the future as algae becomes increasingly better known for its considerable health benefits.

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