Drinking Alcohol and Its Effect on Baby During Pregnancy

Motherhood is the most blessed phase of life of any woman. A mother for the first time, obviously, it would go perfectly and have a healthy child, and bright in her arms. However, numerous precautions necessary to become mothers-to-be. These precautions are only there for the love of a child, as well as health and life of his mother. These precautions include exercises, medical consultation and dietary precautions. As a doctor can give a list of pregnant women who need dietary foods for her regular intake, there is another list. This list consists of foods that are not strictly for pregnant women and alcohol is at the top of the list. Even a small amount of it can impede the development and security of the health of a baby in-the-belly mother. It has been clearly indicated by all health organizations that all pregnant women should Abhor alcohol in all its forms. Even the drinks that have a lower percentage of 5% alcohol are dangerous to child development.

Drinking Alcohol and Its Effect on Baby During Pregnancy

All health organizations renown have done research and conclusions what alcohol can do to a child in the womb derivative. Yet research shows that your baby may be at higher risk than you intake of alcohol.

Through the blood of the mother, the alcohol reaches the developing placenta and baby. developing baby can not break down into simpler components, thus the level of alcohol in the baby’s blood is stored up.

Due to the level of alcohol in the body of the baby chances of stillbirth and miscarriage increase manifold.

If born with stored up alcohol in the blood, the baby may later face problems paying attention, speech, language, hyperactivity, learning and the birth rate is less than normal.

baby born with alcohol intake of the mother during pregnancy can cope with behavior problems. They may be criminal or rather hostile.

If the baby is born is a girl, she might face health problems related to the brain. Alcohol by their mothers during pregnancy can ruin the future of their children.

Other problems that even a small amount of alcohol can create in a child after birth are poor growth, full damage to the nervous system and abnormal facial features.

If the once nervous of a child system is damaged by alcohol in the womb itself, which may later have to fight with mental retardation, vision problems and the hearing, behavioral problems and ultimately delayed physical development.

Even mothers drinking alcohol during pregnancy rarely risk their babies to other physical, behavioral and mental.

About 10% of women drink alcohol during pregnancy in the country of United States. This figure means every 50 to-be-mothers, there are at least a woman drinking. Therefore, the offspring of these 10% of women suffer greatly.

Help for alcoholic mothers

Indeed after seeing how alcohol can curse the life of his son, no mother would run the risk of your child’s future. However, there are pregnant women who face serious drinking problem and therefore have trouble completely abandon their habit. Such a need for help from the mother hand, that too as soon as possible. Otherwise, if it gets too late, you might end up risking her baby. Some of the possibilities of this type of pregnant women are:

  • Check with your health care provider about treatment.
  • Give a ring to the helpline crisis intervention. This number is readily available in the yellow pages ads.
  • Get help from abuse treatment facilities.
  • Give a ring of Alcoholics Anonymous.

When once free of addiction, pregnant women can return to take care of her to-be-child. However, there are also some more security measures in other beverages intake. Many pregnant women consider alcohol-free wines and beers as very safe, while the truth is right in front of him. No beer or wine is completely free of alcohol. Even these beverages contain alcohol traces. Percentage of alcohol therein is however no more than half the amount. They remain strictly a no. Drinks that give label of being completely free of alcohol instead have a very high amount of them. Therefore, while having any of the drinks, it should be noted that if you have a “non-alcoholic” label or “alcohol-free” label on it. Both terms are different and have different meanings. However, for added precaution both of them need boycott.

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