Drink 1 Can of Coke and This Happens to Your Body in 1 Hour!

Coca-Cola is undoubtedly the most popular beverage worldwide and more 1.9 million bottles of Coca-Cola are consumed daily.

It continually warns us about its adverse effects on our health.

To be more specific, the main reason behind this is the way it is very rich extent syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is the highest source of calories in the routine American diet.

However, we are adicted in taste. The company tried to replace HFCS with a healthier variation, sugar cane in 1985, but customers ask that you return the first taste.

The HFCS form communicates with the brain is like heroin and cocaine. One study found that laboratory rats were created to be presented to all types of pain while walking on a charged plate, only to achieve high fructose corn syrup. behavioral specialists claim that our addiction is like the mice appeared. In addition, Coca-Cola calls for the destruction in the body when ingested. These are their effects after using

The first 10 minutes

A Coca-Cola contains 100% of each day of admission suggested of sugar. The use of this high level of sugar, particularly false type requests terrible impact on overall health, including insulin resistance, elevated risk for depression, leptin resistance (causing robustness), hypertension, diabetes and disease coronary.

In this sense, the impact time of this high sugar begins to impact 10 minutes after taking it.

After 20 minutes

The high-fructose hits the liver, and the largest of bits to be put away as fat. This plays a very important in the progress of various cancers and obesity paper.

After 40 minutes

After that, the body has been preserved caffeine, really, 32 mg of it, while Coca Cola Light contains 42 mg. This is about half the recommended caffeine intake for adults.

After 45 minutes

The brain begins to show a response to the drink that is as heroin, and the creation of dopamine expands, leading to a feeling of satisfaction, and strengthened because it activates receptors or opioids. and stimulating as active receptors or opioids.

After 1 hour

After an hour of consumption of Coca-Cola, which influences the level of calcium in the body and it makes their elimination through the urine, which harmfully affects the bones.

Coke sumplements also eliminates other, for example, zinc, magnesium, sodium and electrolytes, and discharge expands 2 hours after use. When sugar will crash, you need another Coca-Cola, and you start to feel bad and slow.

Actually, Coca-Cola can be very useful, but not consumed. Rather, it can be used remotely, as part of different ways, and can give extraordinary effects!

Source: www.realnaturalcare.com

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