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Dr. Sam Robbins Vitality is a source of nutritional information and healthy supplements for daily life.

What is the vitality Blog Dr. Sam Robbins?

The best we can do for you and your family is to be informed about their health. There are many online websites that give information on maintaining adequate levels of cholesterol or lowering the level of blood sugar, but their resources are limited. As a source of information, most of these websites can tell you how to improve your life, but you will have to go elsewhere to get the supplements go ahead with the change in their health. Fortunately, in Dr. Sam Robbins Health and Vitality , you can combine knowledge with action.

Dr. Robbins is quite popular in the healthcare industry and the entertainment industry for their presence in news and talk shows. Its web site combines more than two decades of research and knowledge to help improve their health. The website refers to a number of areas of their welfare, including:

  • heart health
  • Controlling your blood sugar
  • Loss weight
  • maintaining your energy
  • improving your mental capacity
  • Sex Drive

The blog is constantly being updated with new items on all aspects of fitness and nutrition for any consumer who needs the information. Along with hosting a blog that is constantly updated, Dr. Robbins also produces supplements to help with maintaining your current health.

Products by Dr. Sam Robbins

These supplements are available in each of the same categories as the blog published articles. Here’s a little more about each of the supplements Dr. Robbins has formulated and approved on its website. These following products have been publicly announced multiple cable channels and national publications.

optimizer blood pressure

Optimizer blood pressure has an innovative approach to keep your heart healthy , which contains 13 different “super nutrient.” These nutrients against hypertension by combating physical and emotional stimuli that caused high blood pressure. To lower blood pressure, this formula contains only organic ingredients that are safe for your body.

Taking this formula is easy, requiring only allowed to take three pills a day with a glass of water. In order to prevent nausea and promote better absorption in the digestive system, you should also have a meal with Optimizer blood pressure.

blood sugar Optimizer

Many people around the world suffer from high levels of blood glucose, which is typically due to a diet high in sugar. When your body gets used to this type of feeding, the pancreas has difficulty processing sugar, which can lead to diabetes .

This formula essentially helps you keep the level of blood sugar right, while maintaining its energy. You will take one or two pills per dose, they will have to spend up to three times a day. The easiest way to take the pill is about 15 minutes before dinner, allowing the formula to work while eating.

Optimizer lean

Losing weight can be a difficult task on your own, and you may think you’ve tried everything I can, but I still have to prove Optimizer Lean. This formula is supposed to “turn genes fat burning” with the use of natural ingredients, rather than with drugs and medicine. The supplement helps you lose weight by tricking your brain into thinking you are not hungry, which also helps to break the cycle of overeating. With regular use, you can:

  • eliminates the appearance of fat in the stomach and hips.
  • Increase the speed at which the body burns fat.
  • reduce and potentially eliminate the number of toxins in your body .
  • control their blood sugar.

This product can be used on a daily basis, and is geared towards men and women.

More natural energy

More natural energy is pretty self explanatory, which helps give vibrance must continue to focus on work or perform other tasks during the day. This product is slightly different from other energy supplements, as it has no sugar or calories at all. However, Dr. Robbins says that is not blocked or feel nervous when taking the supplement, but you will enjoy

  • youthful energy levels.
  • approach and improved clarity.
  • Better oxygen supply to the body’s cells.
  • Improves memory.


ProVanax is not intended to replace antidepressants, but is a natural solution for consumers who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, depression , and others mental disorders. The supplement any drugs or narcotics is not included, and helps to naturally improve your mood with ingredients that are not addictive. While taking ProVanax, you may experience:

  • An improved mood.
  • A sense of control over their condition and situation.
  • Less anxiety, which is due to a greater amount of dopamine.
  • Increased serotonin levels, which reduce symptoms associated with depression.
  • A better night’s sleep.

If you are already taking medication for your condition, you should talk to your doctor before trying to control the situation on their own.


AlphaViril is a male enhancement supplement that targets your testosterone levels as a method to increase your sexual desire, stamina and strength. Many men suffer from sexual performance problems at some point, that can be deeply embarrassing and difficult in their trust. However, with regular use of natural ingredients within AlphaViril, you can:

  • Enhance your sexual desire, from a physical and mental standpoint.
  • Increase testosterone levels naturally current, rather than artificially added hormones.
  • Improve your strength, while building muscle and eliminate fat.
  • increases blood circulation, which helps to get an erection.

Despite the fact that this also lowers levels of estrogen, the website says it can be used by women to achieve the same effect.

price supplements Dr. Sam Robbins

All above supplements fall under the same pricing options, which varies with the amount of the selected product obtained.

If you decide to buy a single bottle of any of the above supplements, their total spending will be $ 49.97. The face value of all supplements is $ 79.97, $ 31.48 saving.

You can choose to order a bottle through the auto-ship program, which means that the total price is reduced to $ 39.97, and receive additional discounts that will be discussed later.

To order three bottles at a time, you get one of those bottles. This gift makes the total cost of a bulk order $ 99.97. With all products, you are subject to shipping rates in the specific location.

Auto-Shipment Program

Program AutoOrder is probably your best option to save money and reduce the gap that normally have by buying products individually. When starting any new regime, your body needs time to adjust to the changes, which means you can not afford to have a great time between the last capsule of a bottle and the first capsule as follows. With a free membership, you get a new monthly supply of the elect, on the same day each month products.

In addition to being able to quickly get ahold of the products you need, you can also get:

  • A 20% discount on any order auto-ship.
  • discounted shipping costs.
  • Automatic billing when their new sends the order.
  • The ability to choose the frequency of deliveries.

You do not have to worry about any minimum amount of time you should be using the auto-ship program. You can cancel at any time and without anything.

contact Dr. Sam Robbins

With so many different items and products available through Dr. Sam Robbins and your blog, you may have questions that need to be answered before making an investment. There are three methods of communication -. Email, phone and live chat on the website

To speak to a representative via email and live chat, only need to click on the links at the bottom right corner of any page. However, if you want to contact the 24/7 support line, call 775-473-0702.


Dr. Robbins put your website apart by offering both information and supplements you need to make major changes in your life. Regardless of your health area you want to focus, there are customer service representatives available to help make sense of all this new information, if necessary.

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