Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resilience Anti-Aging Scalp Serum

Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resilience Anti-Aging Scalp Serum

by Elisabeth B.

Having dry hair struggled since the age of ten thanks to genes that include thick hair thickness and a propensity towards hypothyroidism, which have spent the last two decades trying almost all sera, leave-in-conditioner, mask oil, “hair milk” and other names expensive silicones on the market. Adding to my hobby to keep my natural blond hair once (with the guarantee of my hair dresser with green eyes can “fully carry it out”) makes hair very unhappy.

I was very excited to try Dr. Dennis Gross Anti-Aging Shampoo ($ 54). While I have used many products for hair, I have not used any specifically for the scalp. Ingredients include some excellent antioxidants include retinol and copper peptides, both those that promote collagen formation. However, the most promising ingredient is Procyanidin-B2 . This ingredient extracted from apples, was cited as improve hair growth in study , which is much more objective than the claims made by the studies funded by the company. Procyanidin-B2 when combined with adenosine has other studies that support their success.

who used the product as directed and felt a little strange as it seemed to wick water away (to apply it to a clean scalp, which is important because your skin absorbs lotions, sera, etc. better in the first two minutes after shower). Although he could not say if my hair was thick and any thickness, which seemed stronger and brighter in the growth area more. Therefore, I thought that my fiance (who has more hair thinning I) would like to try. While he did not have the opportunity to request that the total amount of time, after a week he realized “shoots”! He was quietly ecstatic and said he had to continue to use it for my opinion.

definitely recommend this non-animal test, mostly natural alternative to anyone who wants to thicken hair. The bottle is not very big (2 oz.), But since it is only for the scalp, which could last a good amount of time that makes the price tag quite palatable.

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