Dr. Dennis Gross Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask

Dr. Dennis Gross skin care is quickly becoming one of my favorite skin care brands. After becoming a love Eye Serum Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction ($ 68 in store) shows recently, I had pretty high expectations for Dr. Dennis Gross colloidal Clarifying Mask sulfur ($ 42 in store) and especially to live up to them! I am in my mid-twenties and my skin is frustrating combination – dry cheeks with clogged pores and some spots around the area T. I’m also on a strict budget and prefer my products are effective but low maintenance.

According to the website of DDG, this mask is designed to minimize the appearance of pores, dissolve blackheads, heal the outbreaks, and absorb excess oil. The main ingredients are colloidal sulfur and kaolin clay. While sulfur was new to me, who had used other clay products before and found inefficient, messy and difficult to use. This product, however, is light, creamy and smooth in more like a lotion. It also contains bentonite clay healing, moisturizing glycerin, aloe, licorice root illuminating, retinol collagen booster, and other great ingredients.

The instructions on the package say it can be used in a thin layer under makeup during the day or overnight in a thicker layer – but either way, should be applied to clean, dry skin . The online instructions are a little different: Apply a thin layer up to 3 times a day, leave for 10 minutes, then wash (or overnight wear). Usually they are chosen to take all night. Sometimes, it itched a little, but never need to wash it. There is a slight smell of sulfur, but not annoying (although it does not fade). I have had no problems with this product rubbing and stain my sheets, pajamas or towels.

The application of this product requires some practice. I have found use as local treatment or applying thicker layers did not work well, so always a thin layer on each region of the face (forehead, nose and chin) is smeared. I would like to press the applicator very lightly to get a small amount little, then gently rub however, until it disappears quickly (and then stops!). Excess product, there is too much friction, or excess moisture in the skin and will pill product and discard. Another useful tip: be sure to apply after flossing. Blegh.

In my white skin the product disappears, it does not affect my makeup, and even slightly blurs imperfections. However, it can cause a slight gray tone in dark tones or warm skin. It’s a great Matifiante and definitely helps heal existing breakouts and reduces redness (both aesthetically and for the treatment of inflammation). The mask does not help the irritation caused by outbreaks not, but does not make it worse either. In addition, my black and clogged pores points have not really improved since I use.

This product has not completely turned my skin around, but I’m relatively hope that I will see the benefits accrued in the near future. It is so easy to use, and with a small amount as necessary for every application, the bottle should last for a long time. If ever I run there is a good chance that will buy, and would definitely recommend it.

while brightening mask sulfur colloid has not solved all my problems t-zone, it is a definite step in the right direction. I am eager to discover new favorites more along the lines of Dr. Dennis Gross!

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