Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel

by Sion K.

I’m in my early 40s with the combination (very fat around the T-zone, very dry elsewhere), very sensitive skin. My skin reacts negatively to almost all cosmetics / skin care, if it is scaly, redness, pimples patches, etc. I am beginning to show faint laugh lines. Wrinkles are not obvious or pronounced yet, but if one looks closely, the indicia are increasingly noticeable.

who had used the original beta peels Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha for several years, but had to discontinue use after about 1 week, and the like shells to dry my skin widely. then I had to hydrate to counteract dryness and subsequently had to buy products for pimples that followed. When I discovered – from test studies TIA – that there was now a new option of sensitive skin, which was quite static. Maybe I could finally join the fan club Alpha Beta Peel with Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Ultra Soft Peel ($ 88 in store).

purely based on my experience to believe the claims of hundreds of products for skin care in the past, I had my doubts expect miracles. I hoped that the shells are attenuated to some degree uneven texture, discoloration, lines, and laugh at my skin. Since I knew that he would be reviewing the product for public consumption, which is said to be more diligent about reading / following the instructions. (Admittedly, I am guilty of being a “skimmer” in connection with brochures that emphasize the user to read the instructions carefully before using the product).

As carefully read the instructions that come with the shells, which noted that if individuals find shells to be too harsh when used every day, they could use the shells every two days until the skin He became more acclimated. Hmmm, maybe eventually could join the fan club Alpha Beta Peel.

Then they began to wonder if the shells original formula might have been tolerable if you had used the same method of acclimatization, as described. To satisfy my curiosity, I bought a box of the original shells (now called Universal Alpha Beta peels). As with the ultra sensitive formula, the universal formula lists its benefits, “improves brightness, improves skin tone and texture, and minimizes pores and fine lines.” Upon receipt of this order, which was ready to start my test / experimentation.

in respect to my regular routine skin care that does not change anything, but by adding a step further – the application of the shells. My nightly routine consisted of the following:

1) Clean the face (Skinceuticals)
2) Use Ultra shell Sensible
3) Apply toner (Lavo)
4) Hydrate (Shiseido)

is important to emphasize that I have followed the previous routine only on the right side of the face! As for the left, I used the universal peel every 3 days instead of daily. I found this experiment until you use all 30 ultra sensitive skins.

At the end of the 30 shells ultra sensitive, I took a well-lit mirror and examined his face closely. I was more than a little surprised by both the results and the difference between the two sides of the face.

there was a slight change in the uneven texture and discoloration on the right side of the face, where it used ultra-sensitive shells daily. There was no visible change to fine lines. On the left side, where he used the Universal shells every 3 days, there was a significant improvement in the uneven texture, discoloration and lines.

I then studied the before / after pictures he had taken. Surprisingly, the differences noted above, were so remarkable, in images taken with the phone camera to less than stellar. I sent my friends copies of photographs (on both sides of the face), without revealing the images were of two different sides of the face. Without divulging any details, I asked them to divide the photos into two categories :. Before / after, and includes any other relevant observations

it was pretty funny to see that many of my friends thought that the “after” the right side of the face were “before” photos. It is also noteworthy that with respect to the “after” the left, I have received several inquiries regarding that “procedure” had suffered.

My next task was to investigate and compare the ingredients listed for both shells. The active ingredients of the formula Ultra Sensitive are lactic acid, mandelic acid and willow bark extract. The active ingredients of the universal formula are lactic acid, malic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, salicylic acid.

As can be seen, the major differences in the formulas for the two types of shells are in the type and number of acids. Most of the acids in the Alpha Beta peels are quite common in any type of exfoliating product. However, there were some who were unknown to me.

Ultra Sensitive Formula

Mandelic acid is also an AHA, with an exfoliating force slightly higher than the glycolic acid. However, in many trials, researchers found that the mandelic acid is much better tolerated, resulting in fewer adverse side effects that sometimes can be seen with glycolic acid. In particular, during the dry (sometimes it takes the form of dry scaly patches), and hyperpigmentation were much better tolerated by people who had previously used hydroquinone or tretinoin.

willow bark extract is a BHA. The positive aspects of this ingredient are several (exfoliation, stimulation of new skin cells, cleansing the pores). However, there is still controversy about whether it does or prevent acne clear fact, although often advertised products as an anti-acne agent.

universal formula

Interestingly, malic acid is most commonly found in fruits and vegetables, especially apples. Obviously, when the body coverts carbohydrates into energy occurs, and therefore supports energy production. With respect to external dermatological use, which is classified as an alpha hydroxy acid very smooth, which is less irritating than other exfoliating agents when applied to the skin. I wondered why it was used in the universal shell, instead of its ultra-sensitive counterpart.

As can be inferred by the term, citric acid comes from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, etc. Acid is considered a “low risk” that has multiple benefits. It can help with shedding of dead skin cells, accelerates cell renewal, improve skin tone / texture and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Although it is also considered an acid “low risk” individuals appear to be small differences in the reactions to this ingredient, ranging from the concentration required for optimum efficiency, the type of benefits derived from their use.

Although my skin responded to sensitive skin Ultra, Universal peels use every 3 days showed much more dramatic results (without any of the usual side effects I experienced when previously I used them every day). Although this method can certainly not work for everyone, I would suggest giving it a try. I loved that I did not go through routine skin every night, as was necessary with the ultra sensitive formula, and only have to buy a box every three months!

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