Dos and Donts of Pregnancy

There are a number of data that must be considered during pregnancy to improve the health of your baby. You should avoid all the negatives that can create complications for you or terminate your pregnancy. Folic acid is essential at this stage of healthy pregnancy. Here is a brief idea about all essential activities that should be avoided during pregnancy or prefer. Once you are aware of all these facts, then you can stop any serious injury to your child.

Dos and Donts of Pregnancy

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  • to avoid any complications during pregnancy should be preferred regular medical examinations of professional or skilled practitioner.
  • By consuming the necessary amount of folic acid, can avoid several problems associated with pregnancy. The amount of folic acid is preferred by experts 0.4 mg per day.
  • If rubella during pregnancy isrecognized then can lead to the possibility of miscarriage. Vaccinated against rubella is the only solution to avoid this serious problem.
  • During pregnancy, the mother requires a lot of vitamins for healthy baby. Prenatal vitamins ensure all possible nutrients needed during pregnancy. It also reduces the chances of diabetes mother.
  • Protein is another essential requirement for pregnant women. According to experts, a pregnant woman requires 75 to 100 grams of protein per day. adequate protein is essential for the proper development of baby’s brain.
  • balance diet is preferable that the better health of the baby and the mother. You can download the diet chart from the Internet. balanced diet contains all the essential nutrients for the pregnant woman and her baby. You can also get diet chart of public health clinics.
  • Exercise during pregnancy is a very healthy option for the mother. tired body releases toxins that are unhealthy for the baby. Make sure you get enough rest for an active body. Try to increase your work out of time. Walk slowly around an hour a day.
  • Pregnancy is the right time to consume more fat than your daily routine. Excess fat can cause obesity problems. You should only consume the necessary amount according to expert medical prescription. The extra weight gain is not a good idea during pregnancy. 25 to 30 pounds is enough to week 40 of pregnancy. If you’re gaining more than 30 pounds, then keep a check on the amount of fat.
  • Most women are worried that your cholesterol level would increase that can be dangerous for them. But it is a myth. Pregnancy is right to raise their levels of fat and cholesterol time. It is necessary for the baby’s brain growth. It also reduces the chances of stretch marks. Omega 3 fats also play an important role during pregnancy. This helps in the production of milk after childbirth.
  • Do not forget to get essential vitamins supplements during pregnancy. You should consume these supplements only after the doctor’s recommendation. You should consult with your doctor before taking any medication home. Some analgesics may contain harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to the health of the mother and baby.
  • grow plants at home. Plants are the excellent source to purify the dirty air and the mother is able to breathe fresh oxygen during pregnancy. Our house may contain toxins that can be dangerous for pregnant women.
  • Keep moving long enough if you are not getting proper exercise. Use the stairs at a time instead of elevators. For a free child birth pain, do not forget to prefer the Kegel exercise daily. You can check online videos how to perform Kegel exercises.
  • Staying stress free and unwanted emotions. Your child may be weakened greatly. You should stay happy all the time. Husband can play a very important role to keep his wife happy all time.

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  • Some people are regulars tea and coffee consumed in a daily amount. tea and coffee excess can be dangerous for the baby in the womb. You should prefer only one or two cups a day.
  • If you have a cat at home, then you should be very careful during pregnancy. cat litter can cause serious problem of miscarriage or other for pregnant lady. Cats are best avoided during pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid certain foods that can be hazardous to the health of the baby. You can check with your doctor about these unhealthy foods. You should avoid junk food, spicy food, hot sauce, papad and pickles.
  • Also avoid hot dogs during pregnancy. According to a recent survey of children under five who consume more than a hot dog in a week they are much more susceptible to cancer and other health problems.
  • also make some changes in your lifestyle. Avoid wearing high heels and tight clothing. You should not travel for a long time during pregnancy. Do not ride the bike or motorcycle during pregnancy. Warm baths also be avoided completed in step pregnancy.
  • Smoking is a known risk to human health. You should avoid smoking and should not be around people who like to smoke. It can lead to premature delivery or low birth weight baby. Also avoid alcohol during pregnancy. Alcohol can disrupt the central nervous system or impedes the proper growth of the baby. Also avoid illegal drugs during pregnancy can result in various physical disorders.
  • Also see your doctor if you have any contact with reptiles. It can affect your pregnancy and cause problems salmonella. Children under five are susceptible to salmonella if they are in contact with reptiles.
  • Fish also avoid eating it can be dangerous for pregnancy. You should also avoid vitamin A supplements can be harmful to the health of the pregnant woman. Also avoid exposure to X-rays that can destroy the health of your baby.
  • also avoid microwaving. microwave radiation directly affect the health of babies that can cause various health disorders.

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