Large percent of food in the United States ends in a dustbin.
What is even worse, people throw the healthiest and tastiest part of the meal, and only a small percent of it ends up being a compost.
colored pieces of fruit and vegetables are higher in nutrients. You can ANT to read this article before disposing of onion skins.
onion skin is something we do not want to eat, but is abundant in quercetin, an antioxidant that lowers blood pressure and prevents atherosclerosis. By adding onion skins to your meals you have a healthier dish full of beneficial nutrients.
Onions are very healthy and antibacterial properties reduce blood sugar, kill cancer cells, stop bleeding from the nose and give your immune system appropriate amounts of vitamin C.


A darker color means a higher density of phytonutrients
We tend to get rid of the same parts of a plant that it is as nutritious as the parts we like to eat. Have we become too picky about how our food is? For example, broccoli and celery leaves are much more fiber and vitamins than stems. Moreover, the plants absorb sunlight they need for photosynthesis using its leaves. The same applies to the leaves of beet and carrot. Even the smallest amount of these vegetables can do much more than any other food.
steaming kale and chard license, and voila, are super tough and easy to eat. Add the garlic and lemon juice to enhance flavor and health benefits. This will also help prevent the development of tumors and reduce both cholesterol and sugar.
I love their food and they will love you back
Why the skin of fruits always end up in the dustbin? Let’s take citrus peels, for example. If you are making lemon juice or orange, why not add your shell to it? Its juice can have a slightly bitter taste, but you get the best of these fruits – their healthy pigments
Peel an orange and add zest your favorite smoothie, or just add a little shell of a glass of water. and eat after drinking its water. You will have fresh breath and a lot of fiber, vitamin C and phenols. These antimicrobial detoxify cells, making them free of toxic metals and insurance oxidative stress. Peels also remove toxins from your water.
melon rinds are rich in amino acids, which works very well in the treatment of erectile dysfunction easy. Lather well and add them to your blender along with other fruits and vegetables of your choice for a higher fiber content and better taste.
start again
The same edges of vegetables that you throw in the trash are the ones that will give new plants. scallions and leeks root in water, and grow ginger and potatoes in pots!
Hope see something much clearer. Add stems, leaves and roots to your meals. Combined with other foods and nobody will notice that some shells have added to their food. As simple as that! Do yourself a favor and eat well!


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