Doctors Wouldn’t Listen To Her So Mom Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands


When a doctor will not hear the inclinations that a mother has for her child, the mother sometimes take matters into their own hands. A girl was dying simply by being in the sun for long. After years of suffering, doctors were finally able to determine what the problem was.

If it were not for the determination of the mother of the girl, who probably would not be alive today. The mother, Andrea Fulkerson, realized there was something wrong with her daughter when she was only four. Every time the girl would be out, as when they were in a pool, he began to shout and want to re-enter. I would tell her mother that was burning.

Andrea spent five years trying to figure out what might be wrong with your child. His daughter would tell her mother she felt like lava was being poured over his skin. Also it begins to itch. Sometimes blisters develop on the hands of the girl. Dr. Luu finally noticed something about the girl. She did some blood tests and discovered that Andrea is the daughter of PPE. It is a genetic condition that has no cure. Those often can not go in the sun or exposed to fluorescent lights. The girl stays inside most of the day and usually only comes out at night.

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