Doctors Told Him He Was Definitely Going To Die & His Cancer Was “Incurable” – So He Decided Try Cannabis Oil

every day, million people suffering from cancer and harmful effects arising from conventional treatment methods. Many of these people are told by their doctors that their illness is “incurable”, comparing his life to an hourglass so its time on Earth is running out quickly. Cancer patients are led to believe that they only have two treatment options: chemotherapy or radiation therapy, often in conjunction with surgery. Both chemotherapy and radiation negative impact on the body’s natural ability to heal itself, damaging healthy tissue. One study even showed that chemotherapy is not effective more than 97% of the time (clock Dr. Peter Glidden discuss these results here ). What if I told you that a cure for cancer not only exists and has proven effective, but can also make this natural resource itself ( that’s how )? For decades, cannabis has been studied and used to treat and kill cancer cells. There have been numerous examples of medical studies conducted and countless people who consume cannabis oil to cure cancer completely.

This man healed his “incurable” Use of Cannabis oil

cancer last year, 50 years old Darren Miller was diagnosed with “incurable, inoperable” lung and heart cancer pericardial sac. His doctors told him that if he pursued chemotherapy, would simply buy him a year to live. Since this was the only option I had given him, he chose to undergo chemotherapy treatment. After conducting research on alternative treatment methods, Miller decided to change the use of cannabis oil, so he and his wife moved to California, where he began to produce and use it frequently. Seven months later, doctors told Miller that is 100% free of cancer, not in remission, which claims it is due to their use of cannabis oil.

Miller has continued to use cannabis oil, even after receiving a certificate of good health, which he referred to as a Miller explains, “Most people die from secondary cancers caused for their treatments “maintenance dose. . “; Its radiation and chemotherapy Therefore, I plan to take a small amount every day for the rest of my life, hoping that there is no recurrence of the disease.”

Now, he is back at home in Illinois, which is running a program of “compassionate cannabis” to help educate others on how to make and use cannabis oil to treat cancer.

The science behind how cells cannabis Cancer Deaths

Cannabis can and has been used for many years to treat a variety of diseases including cancer . Cannabinoids refer to any of a group of related compounds including cannabinol and the active components of cannabis. When consumed cannabis, this activates cannabinoid receptors in the body. The body itself creates compounds called endocannabinoids, which help produce a healthy environment. Cannabinoids play an important role in the generation of the immune system and the re-generation, so that cannabinoids reduce cancer cells. Although different strains of cannabis do not have exactly the same effect, increasing numbers of cancer patients are experiencing positive results in a small amount of time by using cannabis ( source ).

Numerous organizations and universities, including Medical School Harvard have been studying the effects of cannabis has on cancer cells, demonstrating its success and recommending it to be used as treatment against cancer.

Even U.S. government has inadvertently confirmed that cannabis kills cancer cells. a group of researchers commissioned by the federal government to demonstrate that cannabis has no accepted medical value was selected, but its findings proved otherwise (read our article here ).

If you are looking for more evidence that cannabis can cure cancer, check out the following article:

20 medical studies that show cannabis can be a potential cure for cancer

Why cure cancer never be considered “impossible”

Many cancer patients are told by their doctors that their illnesses are incurable inoperable and are essentially a lost cause. This is not only wrong, but also ignorant. There are many natural therapies for cancer outside the conventional treatment methods, with cannabis being one of the most effective. By giving these people a death sentence, you are removing them hope and strength they need to heal themselves successfully. You can read the article by Dr. Adem Gunes about why there is no such thing as a lost cause cancer here .

Cancer is often referred to as a man-made disease, but nature has provided us with a lot of cures that are proven to work. Many cancer survivors attribute their cannabis cures. The following items are some of the other examples of real life that we have covered:

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pushing man of 80 years who received two weeks of life – cured his cancer cannabis use

Apart from cannabis, a number of other all-natural cancer treatments that are being studied and used by cancer patients worldwide. Some of these alternative methods include injections of vitamin C turmeric plant-based diets incense , and more.

If you or someone you know has cancer or trying to expand their knowledge about this disease, highly recommend seeing The Truth About Cancer . This docu-series opened my eyes to the sad truth and corruption behind the cancer industry, large pharmaceutical companies, the food industry, and more. Our article here explores what each of the 9 episodes discussed in more detail.

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