The next time you find yourself talking to yourself, do not be shy or embarrassed, you really are a genius! Until know, you probably thought that is going crazy, but slows down, on the contrary, it shows that your brain is working very well and that helps to memorize things.

Research has discovered this information was made in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. They concluded that self-directed speech helps people who are trying to find objects in a group of other items.

When talking to you about what around you that helps you process the visual information better and important details. And it’s bad for you if the trend will have trouble switching from one task to another is suppressed. The inner dialogue plays a key role in reactions to situations, and these reactions affect future actions and feelings. The inner dialogue can take many forms, but generally classified into 3 types: positive (motivation), instructional and negative

also it helps control emotions and gives you a way to manage them better. You will then know that you can choose to get angry about a certain situation or to rationalize and find the best solution for it. It also makes realize the opportunities in life and how to be more positive about it.

Speaking itself helps concentration

Talking to yourself can you It helps to concentrate and focus on things more clearly. Like how the internal dialogue that can help multi-tasking, talking to yourself can also help keep the focus on a task for a sustained period of time.

When talking to himself, you are able to focus on what needs to be done. Its objectives are evident as he speaks to himself while performing a task. By focusing on the sound of his own voice, they are able to mentally eliminate distractions around.

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