Do you suffer from cough? This is how you can cure it with home remedies this season: PINKVILLA

Medications can be problematic when you have to work with a severe cough. Read on to find some safe and reliable home remedies to cure a cough.

The monsoon brings many diseases and germs. It is normal to have a sore throat and catch a cold or cough during this season. We come into contact with many germs and bacteria due to the humid climate that facilitates the capture of an infection. Cough is hard to treat. He has a sore throat and coughs more than he talks. Spending the day and talking becomes difficult and painful. All that cough makes your throat ache and getting rid of a cough is almost impossible. Cough syrups make life even more difficult. They can soothe your throat, but they also make you feel sleepy and lethargic. Working with a medicine like this can be very difficult. The nights are even more difficult, but home remedies can rescue you at times like these. Home remedies are a safe and natural solution to cure a cough. Here are some quick remedies for persistent cough.

Ginger: it is the best cure for almost all problems. It soothes your throat. You can suck a small piece of ginger all day and it can keep your cough at bay. You can also put some pieces of ginger in water and boil them. Drink this ginger water throughout the day. A cup of ginger tea is good for your throat.

Honey: honey can soothe a dry throat. It's great, especially if your cough gets worse at night. A spoonful of honey can help you sleep better. Replace your sugar with honey or add honey in a glass of water or tea and it can work wonders.

Eucalyptus oil: Inhalation of essential oil such as eucalyptus can soothe and decongest the chest and throat and provide immense relief. Put a few drops of oil on your pillow or in a handkerchief and keep inhaling as much as you can.

Steam: Take some steam from hot water with herbs or essential oils. Steam vapors help clear the throat and decongest it.


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