Do You Suffer From Anxiety? Here Are A Few Home Remedies That Will Help You Fight It?

sweating, stomach pain, irritability, rapid pulse or lack of concentration, are some of the symptoms we experience when we anxiety.

If stress is excessive and does not allow us to focus on daily tasks that could be the development of an episode of generalized anxiety as a disorder. There are some home remedies that might help battle this state unpleasant

hot water bath

If cold water is used to awaken and activate the body, hot water serves to reduce excessive activation and helps relax the body.

A hot bath with oils or dried lavender flowers is ideal for reducing anxiety and lead to a state of pleasant tranquility. If also the accompaniment with a circular massage with fingers on temples will get a more powerful sedative effect.

valerian, and supplements

Valium is done in much of the active ingredients of valerian. Taking valerian helps to have a greater ability to sleep and relieve insomnia that causes us anxiety.

Magnesium supplements and vitamin B are also very effective for relieving anxiety, especially in people who have a low amount of these substances.

foods, herbs and Omega 3

onion is rich in phenols compounds that are beneficial in alleviating high levels of anxiety, while celery contains phthalides, a phytonutrient decreasess generate stress hormones. Meanwhile, St. John’s wort is very effective in treating anxiety and depression.

Omega 3 fatty acids are also essential to treat long-term anxiety.

consult the doctor and take healthy behaviors

Because each case is unique, before starting any home treatment to reduce anxiety, it is advisable to consult your doctor or pharmacist about your problem, to be more relaxed and better informed.


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