Do you suffer from alopecia areata? THESE home remedies can help

A serious problem of hair loss can have a great impact on your mental health and something like alopecia should be treated as soon as possible. Home remedies can help speed up the healing process, but it is important to remember that something as big and important as alopecia is not easy to treat and the cure is a long and difficult process.

Alopecia is a medical condition in which strands of hair begin to fall out and cause baldness. In many cases, this happens much slower in the form of weight loss. Your hair begins to lose volume and becomes thinner and your hair loss increases dramatically. Sometimes, your hair can also come off near the roots, but not completely. But this hair condition is long term where the hair grows back and the hair loss cycle begins again. Sometimes, hair does not grow back in all bald patches and some may remain sterile. This can also affect your mental health. This condition occurs mainly due to an imbalance in hormones, but it can also be caused by an infection that infects the hair follicles or could be a side effect of some medications you are taking. Given that this condition can also be caused due to the rough treatment of your hair, such as combing too much hair or using too many chemicals or damaging hairstyles such as braids, etc.

Now, it is essential to treat alopecia and consult a doctor about it, but there is nothing wrong with trying home remedies, as long as your doctor approves them. Therefore, before trying these remedies, consult your doctor and make sure you are diagnosed and that your doctor approves these remedies according to your state of health.

1. honey

It can help clean the hair follicles and remove impurities and improve hair growth. It also repairs damaged hair and removes blockages that clog hair follicles.

2. garlic

It may not smell very good, but it is ideal for treating hair problems like these. It is very rich in minerals and can improve blood circulation and helps accelerate hair growth and also helps cure alopecia.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel has many benefits for hair, skin and health. It is very good for our overall health and also improves blood circulation and increases the growth of your hair.

4. Licorice

Licorice is rich in amino acids and other minerals that can help in the treatment of alopecia. They also help accelerate growth and strengthen hair follicles.

5. Aromatherapy

This may come as a surprise, but oils such as rosemary and lavender can help treat alopecia. Using these oils mixed with some carrier oils and massaging them on the scalp can improve blood circulation.

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