Do You Know Which The Dirtiest Part Of Our Body Is?


Personal hygiene is very important for Good health. But even when the shower regularly, there is a body in which every day over 67 species of bacteria are deposited. Find out who is the dirtiest part of the body.

The showers are an important part of personal hygiene. During the day, with clothes and hair and skin, we enter our houses numerous microorganisms that could be hazardous to our health.

However, even though you have showered and washed her hair, is not a part of our body that is considered the dirtiest, because it keeps dirt, but you just got out of the shower. It is the navel that is the unattainable part of our body and therefore may be available for bacteria.

The navel, because of its shape, sweatvery quickly and easily, clothing hairs, dead skin cells, lotion and soap is collected.

This coupling is perfect for the development of microorganisms place, so if not properly washed itthe navel can become a source of odors and health problems (infection).

The survey showed that in the navel can build up to 67 different types of bacteria, regardless of normal shower. If you want this part of the body to maintain a safe and healthy way, use this simple trick with a cotton swab.

How to properly wash your navel?

Innie navel

  1. Before shower, soak cotton doctor swapin alcohol and thoroughly clean the navel.
  2. during the shower, apply a shower gel with a new cotton swab, so like last time, thoroughly clean the navel.
  3. navel Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry thoroughly with a towel.

Outie navel

Outie navel is easier to wash because there is no such holes and folds where dirt accumulates.

  1. Soak a cotton cloth with shower gel.

2. Rub the navel, then rinse with warm water and dry with a towel.


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