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The feet are your physical base. They are the ones that keep it running, so it is important to maintain good foot health. Cracked heels, also known as heel fissures, are a common problem of the foot in winters, which seem to affect women more often than men. Dry and flaky skin is the result of extreme weather conditions, such as dry and hot summers and extremely cold winters, lack of hydration, overexposure to contamination and some medical conditions such as vitamin deficiency, eczema, overweight diabetes, thyroid and psoriasis and aging leads to dryness that causes the skin to crack Then, if you have dry or cracked chronic heels, consider if you are at risk of these other health conditions and consult a doctor.

Foot treatment

Give yourself weekly foot treatments at home to revitalize the skin. Soaking your feet in warm water helps soften the skin and eliminate dead skin. For daily foot and heel care, apply pure almond oil on the feet daily before bathing and massage the skin. After bathing, apply a cream while the skin is still moist. This helps seal moisture. Massage the cream into the skin. The feet will remain soft and smooth.


It is a natural remedy for common foot problems. Honey contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can heal and clean deep cracked wounds and moisturize the skin. Mix a cup of honey in five liters of warm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. You can use honey as a foot scrub after soaking or apply it as a nighttime foot mask. You can repeat it twice in a week.


You can opt for a cheap and homemade remedy available on your kitchen shelf. Take lemon halves and some sugar. Dip the lemon halves in sugar and rub the heels daily and wash them with fresh water. Follow a daily treatment for cracked heels for a week.


At night, before retiring, soak your feet in hot water for about 20 minutes. Add some coarse salt and shampoo to the water, before soaking your feet. Hot water helps soften dead skin on heels. With the help of a pumice stone or a heel scrubber, gently rub the heels to remove dead cells. Avoid metal scrubbers. After washing the feet, massage them with cream, rubbing them on the skin. A cream containing lemon and turmeric would be ideal. Sell ​​your heels with a clean cloth. Then wear cotton socks and go to sleep. In this way, the cream will remain on the heels and will not be placed on the bedding. Keeping your heels smeared with cream overnight will soften the skin and replenish moisture loss. Repeat this every night for a week.

Coconut oil

It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help your skin retain moisture. It is widely used for the treatment of dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Coconut oil not only helps retain moisturizing water on the surface of the skin, but also eliminates dead cells. In addition to that, coconut oil can help strengthen the tissues under the epidermis. Coconut oil can be used instead of the normal foot lotion to avoid breaking your heels; Consider using it daily. Apply the oil generously on your feet before bedtime, you will have softer heels in the morning. Hydrate your feet with coconut oil twice a day when you experience deep cracks.

Hot olive oil treatment.

Avoid cracked heels by soaking, rubbing and performing the treatment with hot olive oil on the feet twice a week. Apply olive oil with the help of a cotton ball and gently massage your feet with circular movements until the oil is soaked in the skin. Cover the foot with a cotton cloth and wash it after a while with warm water. Apply the oil daily before going to bed at night for best results. Rub the olive oil on your heels as soon as you leave a shower or bath in the morning and apply the oil again every night before bedtime. Wear socks on the bed to keep the oil on your feet and out of your bedding.

Sesame oil

Sesame oil is very useful for treating cracked heels, as it is considered very nutritious and moisturizing. Sesame oil contains vitamins, nutrients and minerals along with its antifungal properties. Apply sesame oil on the heels and other parts of the feet and allow it to penetrate the skin naturally. You can wash your feet with normal fresh water. Sesame oil softens and soothes dry and cracked feet very efficiently.


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