Do Sleeping Pills Increase the Risk of Dementia?

Although heart disease and cancer remain our greatest murderers, nothing more than fear spells a diagnosis of dementia. The loss of the ability to think, remember or function is devastating for the individual, as well as friends and family. That, AOS why this question reader, AOS on sleeping pills is so moving:

P saw a physician assistant, AOS the other day for depression, insomnia and anxiety . Several years ago a doctor prescribed Ambien and Ativan (and later Lunesta).

At the time he also had me on an antidepressant drug that later I weaned. I can take an Ativan once during the week and Lunesta one night weekend, just to help me catch up on sleep.

sleeping pills and Alzheimer’s, AOS:

This PA refused to prescribe zolpidem ( Ambien ) or eszopiclone ( Lunesta ), because the studies have linked these drugs for Alzheimer years. He said that even the few pills I take could put me at risk.

Instead gave me a prescription for suvorexant ( Belsomra ). My doctor gave me a sample when it first came out and I didn, AOT find useful. I, Aove also read that hasn, AOT has been shown to help people sleep much faster. In addition, it totally new and extremely expensive AOS. Would you be able to provide an idea about this medicine?

A. People with insomnia are caught in a terrible bind. They are told that lack of sleep can increase your risk of impaired memory and concentration. Moreover, some studies have linked certain sleeping pills dementia ( BMJ , online, on September 27, 2012 ; Medicine , May, 2015) , although this connection is controversial ( BMJ , line 2 February, 2016 ).

What, AOS history Suvorexant (Belsomra)?

Belsomra is a sleeping pill expensive new prescription. According to Consumer Reports , people taking this drug fell asleep about six minutes faster, on average, than those who received placebo. They slept about 16 minutes, but were more likely to feel drowsy the next day.

For more information on Belsomra and other solutions sleep, you may be interested in downloading our new 16-page revised version Guide to get a good sleep Night, AOS . You will learn in detail about other sleeping pills, as well as non-pharmacological solutions for insomnia.

A review of consumer complaints on Belsomra submitted to the FDA shows that include ineffective, interrupted sleep, agitation and confusion following day.

If you have tried Belsomra, please share your experience in the comments section below and let us know how it worked for you. If you have come up with another solution for insomnia please share your story. And consider our new 16-page revised version Guide to get a good sleep Night, AOS .

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