DIY: Tassel Slide Sandals

Learn how to make your own tassel sandals

If there is a trend that can not get enough of this season, is tassels . From boho preppy ornaments bag accents and beyond, I love a little fun along the strip. But before buying anything, I always ask myself first, if I can DIY it. And in this case, the answer was a definite yes! Make a tassel is much easier than it seems, and is a great accent to add to any minimalist piece already in your closet.

I recently added my handmade tassels a pair of slide sandals LC Lauren Conrad to put some movement in my step, but there are so many clothing and accessories you can add a tassel to. So once you know the basics of making a tassel DIY, feel free to be creative with it! Check out the following tutorial …

DIY tassel sandals

Make your own tassel sandals by following these few simple instructions

This is what it takes:

  • a pair of sandals from a strap to hang a tassel (I used these LC Lauren Conrad brilliant slide sandals )
  • a small length suede or leather-like material in any color (s) you like
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

Here is how to make them:

1. Use a ruler to measure a leather strap around 5 inches by 2 inches. Cut this rectangle out of the skin.

Step 1: Cut Fringe

2. Cut the strip along the length of the strip of leather, going around ¾ of its height.

How to make your own tassel sandals at home

3. Cut a thin strip smaller, skin enough to go around sandal strap and have an inch or so to spare time. This will be the tie that his tassel hang of.

4. Loop the thin strip around sandal strap, and the two ends stick together with a drop of glue hot glue gun.

DIY tassel sandals on

DIY tassel sandals

5. Take the long strip fringed leather and add a line of hot glue for the first couple of inches of the part top, above the strip. Begin to wrap the strip around the mesh sandals, adding more glue as you continue to loop around.

Learn how to make your own tassel sandals

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for as many want to hang tassels sandals. If you have multiple tassels on each shoe, you can stick together with a small drop of glue to ensure that not slide around too.

DIY tassel sandals on

7. Prepare to receive lots of compliments!

Make your own tassel sandals via this simple DIY on the blog

What do you think? Are you going to give this a try DIY?

And if DIY just is not your thing, this trend can also be below!

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xo Ilana
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Photos Stephanie Todaro Photography

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