DIY Coconut Milk :: No Gums, Fillers, Or Sweeteners

DIY Coconut Milk :: No Gums, Fillers, Or Sweeteners I started making coconut milk for years during our first year of having a milk raw share. Our share of milk supply decreases from January to May, during the winter months. At first I was disappointed, as we were really enjoying our raw milk. However, if there is one thing I’ve learned from having the disorder and healing gut would be that it is advisable to take a break from certain foods during their “low season”. The practice of eating with the seasons gives the intestine a break and allows different foods to be used for nourishment.

DIY Coconut Milk :: No Gums, Fillers, Or Sweeteners ended up really getting used to the coconut milk in the winter months, and that makes enjoying our fresh raw milk in the spring just much sweeter! My girls have an attraction for coconut milk and drink with glass after glass like simply shakes, or pour over oatmeal. is very creamy and indulgent!

There are only 1 or 2 brands of canned coconut milk unboxed BPA, without questionable gums and fillers. And those 1 to 2 brands are so expensive for my budget. Especially when making your own coconut milk is as simple and profitable!

DIY Coconut Milk :: No Gums, Fillers, Or Sweeteners subs coconut milk also for whole milk in most recipes and use it in my kitchen winter, when our scarce raw milk production decreases at the end of the week. I also prefer to use coconut milk to cook certain types of cooking as Thai or if I have to give soup a creamy texture with a slightly sweet flavor.

This recipe is for a half liter of coconut milk I buy pieces of coconut bulk section refrigerated at our local health food store and come in bags equivalent to about 7 cups -. where ever you get to your tattered only use a ratio of 1: 1 water tatters and it will be good to go! too! I have not a high-powered blender, so do not worry if you do not have one. The only mixer I have is a magic bullet and it works great for mixing part! I have to make the mixture in batches but works just as well!

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Print DIY Coconut Milk :: No Gums, fillers or sweeteners Author: Renee – ingredients

  • 7 cups shredded unsweetened coconut (tatters work better than the flakes in my experience)
  • 7 cups of water, brought to a boil
  • optional splash vanilla or almond extract to flavor


  1. Put the coconut in a large mixing bowl and pour boiling water over the coconut pieces.
  2. cover the bowl with a towel and let stand 2-3 hours.
  3. the water / coconut grind in a blender and blend poured about one minute.
  4. coconut mixture / water mixed in a gauze Pour or dishcloth over a bowl and squeeze the milk.
  5. Store milk in the fridge for a week or in the freezer for months. Stir the coconut milk before serving -the cream will separate.
  6. Add the remaining coconut pieces to use in your baking ( granola bars energy bars , etc.) their milkshakes the oatmeal , or dehydrated and ground into flour coconut.

Let me know how you making coconut milk!

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