Diurex Water Pills – Can It Really Help With Weight Loss?

An increasing number of women are now looking for supplements to relieve menstrual symptoms such as fatigue, bloating and water weight gain. There are many options available to women now that can help relieve your symptoms, one such product is Diurex to remove water.

There is absolutely no doubt that the market is overloaded with products that claim to help with weight reduction. This is because an increasing number of people wishing to lose weight as fast as possible.

What Diurex water pills?

Like many options on the market to relieve menstrual symptoms Diurex pills contain caffeine, as an ingredient called magnesium salicylate. The recommended dose is Diurex no more than eight pills a day, the recommended somewhere between four and six capsules which may vary from one person to another dose.

Diurex is available online and in most health food stores and pharmacies, so they are easy to get your hands on. The business that makes Diurex called Alvo-Amco and has been in operation for over a hundred years in the pharmaceutical industry, so you know that the reputation of the company is solid, with a long history of producing quality products.

By taking pills Diurex water?

Diurex works by increasing the number of visits that will take to the bathroom. You should take these pills manner described on the box or the amount recommended by your doctor or other health professional.

For best results, it is recommended that Diurex be taken no later than five to six days before the start of their menstrual cycle. Like all medicines, it is recommended that you keep the application of the medicine until the symptoms disappear or when she finishes her menstrual cycle.

Other points to consider when taking Diurex are as follows:

Store the tablets at room temperature

is very important that the drug is not exposed to extreme heat or moisture as this may interfere with the effectiveness of the pills. In addition, you can not remove the tablet from the packaging until ready to swallow the pill.

frequent visits to the bathroom

As it is a water pill that makes you urinate more, experiencing this is normal and what is expected of this medicine. It is also a sign that this medicine is working properly.


Because he will urinate more than normal as a result of taking this pill and lose water weight, it is possible that you may suffer from mild dehydration. It is therefore recommended that you recharge your hydration levels with more water than is generally consumed throughout the day. A good rule of thumb is six to eight glasses of water a day to compensate for water loss.

limit use to ten days

If you do not see a marked improvement in its weight of water or menstrual symptoms, you should talk to your doctor to see if there are alternative solutions you can try. Ten days is a good amount of time to wait to see if Diurex is for you.

Diurex Water Pills Side Effects

The side effects of any medications or supplements should be carefully considered before consumption and Diurex is no exception. It is always advisable to talk to your doctor or other medical professional first to make sure it will not have an adverse reaction to the pill before starting Diurex.

Apart from the common side effects of taking Diurex, you should seek emergency medical help immediately if you feel you are having an allergic reaction. These symptoms include:

  • Breathlessness
  • urticaria
  • Swelling, especially on the face, tongue, lips or throat

doing some research online, the most common side effect is Diurex gold-colored urine, which is a totally safe and normal side effect of pamabrom active ingredient. If this happens there is no cause for alarm.

To be on the safe side, it is important to consider how Diurex will interact with the other vitamins, medicines and over the counter medications you are already taking. You should talk to each of its suppliers to let them know what you are taking to ensure that no dangerous interactions between different medications and supplements you are taking.

Other points to consider

If you do not exceed the standard dose, water pills are relatively safe. Although water pills help you lose weight, this weight loss technique is not without its drawbacks. If these pills do not complement with a nutritious and very low calorie diet along with a proper exercise regimen, you are sure to regain all the weight you’ve lost.

If a dose of Diurex forgotten is important that you do not take an extra dose to make up for lost time. This pill is generally used in a function of needs, so times are relatively infrequent. However, if you are on a schedule as recommended by your doctor, use the missed dose as soon as you remember.

As always, an overdose of any drug is extremely dangerous, regardless of the drug. If you are in this dangerous situation, seek emergency medical help as soon as possible. It could also free to call the Centre National Poison Control, on 1800 222 1222 for expert help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The baseline

A tablet Diurex offers consumers the relief of menstrual symptoms uncomfortable with the additional benefit of lower weight water. This pill is the most commonly used as recommended by your doctor and in no way is a magic pill; Diurex should be complemented by a comprehensive health plan the most effective for both weight loss results, as well as relief of menstrual symptoms.

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