Ditch the Chemical Sunscreen

Our ancestors were protected against sun damage without chemical sun protection for thousands of years. Edward Group reveals the secret to protect your skin without slathering on hazardous chemicals.

There is nothing better than the feeling of pure sunlight, heat on your skin, especially after a cold, dreary winter. We often take for granted the life-giving power of the sun and completely ignore its many health benefits. On the one hand, the sun helps us produce vitamin D, a hormone needed for bone health and optimal immune function; the other too much sunlight, they can also cause deleterious effects on elasticity and function of the skin, which facilitates aggressively early signs of aging. Having these extreme oppositions means we have to find a balance between getting enough to avoid damage resulting from overexposure. And no matter what you may have heard in the past, this has not always require the use of sunscreen. Read more

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