Discovered: New Products That Encourage Elasticity

Elastin is the elastic protein that spring is placed on your skin – and was not surprised to hear that decreases with age. Unlike collagen, so there are many stimulating ingredients, elastin is much more difficult to handle. But the good news: Improving skin elasticity is not impossible. So I decided to hunt down some products that promise to restore or protect elastin to increase selection in our existing store.

After much research, I looked for products with proven ingredients to stimulate elasticity, including copper, soybeans, tetrapeptide-17, white tea, pink, sea lettuce, and TT2. It proved to be a challenge, but after many hours that presented some very interesting new potions and lotions truth in aging tests.

MDRejuvena Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating complex ($ 150)
One of the most researched ingredients backed with decades of clinical data is copper peptides. Copper is the key mineral lysyl oxidase, an enzyme that interlaces collagen and elastin. It’s frustrating, it’s hard to find in good cosmetic formulations. However, recently I found a brand called MDRejuvena which is based on a copper complex that releases slowly into the skin. I had just started to try one of their products to relieve redness when I realized that the rejuvenator Rejuvaphyl complex is a serum with copper and soy protein . The generic name for soya glycine is actually one of the amino acids found naturally in elastin.

Osmia Active Gel Toner ($ 58)
A study of many botanical extracts concluded that white tea is in the lead, followed by rose extract, when it comes to the restoration of elastin. Unlike green tea, which is made from tea leaves mature white tea is done by tender, the upper buds and new leaves. Inhibits elastase – something that does not like elastin – 180 percent. There are a lot of products with white and pink tea just does not excite me, but Osmia Active Gel Toner caught my attention with organic white tea, Rose of Jerico and heavyweights such as gluconolactone . An interesting product that seems to be more of a toner gel serum.

Osmia Vital nectar Rose Drops ($ 98)
Bulgarian rose androsehip highlighted in this serum organic essential oil with only eight ingredients. Although not part of our elastin search, I like that tuna is included in Osmia nectar Rose Drops Vital as it is packed with antioxidants.

Skin 2 Skin Renewal Serum Anti-fall ($ 72)
tetrapeptide-21, commonly known as Tego Pep 4-17 is supposed to increase the elasticity of the skin . You can find it in Restore Your Best Face Serum Night Treatment ($ 130 in the store), and wanted to see if I could find anything else. It is not very common, but I found skin 2 Skin Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum. Skin line 2 also has some products based on white tea elastin-boosting.

Dr. Dennis Gross firming milk peptide ($ 65)
You will also find tetrapeptide-21 Dr. reafirmante Dennis Gross milk peptide . A true member of the community in aging treatment recently tested and found to be “firming over time.”

Simply Natural Sea elastin face and neck cream
I’ve heard of marine collagen, but elastin sea. It turns out that, similarly to marine collagen way, normally is hydrolyzed and is derived from fish. However, in the case of Natural Simply, it appears that reference to algae extract elastin is not per se. The connection to my search seems a little vague, so it can happen in this case.

Repechage Vita Cura Opti lifting system ($ 56)
Following the marine theme, was very interested in discovering sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca) it is used for hydration and firming effects. But there’s more: It contains an extract of aosine, an enzyme that neutralizes elastase , which is responsible for the breakdown of elastin in the skin. Repechage Vita Cura also has a strange but innovative sounding “instant lift” ingredient almonds.

Mila Moursi Firming Cream ($ 170)
attacks the enzyme elastase structural proteins (e.g., elastin), so that the ingredients that inhibit that are a good thing . There is a peptide, known as TT2 (trifluoroacetyl tripeptide-2), which does just that, and as a result reduces sagging and loose. I have not found that many of the products to date – a notable exception being E’shee Aesthetic Clinic Alpha and Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream ($ 284 in store) – and I was happy to come through Mila Moursi Firming Cream with soluble collagen and soy.

Stay tuned for comment, or let me know your favorite improving elasticity and tightening sagging skin in the comments below.

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