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Direct Diet is a major distributor of weight loss and nutritional supplements, which come from a variety of different brands. This is our opinion.

What is the direct diet?

When you want to succeed in their weight loss goals, much of your success depends on the ability to maintain its diet and exercise regimen . While you may have the goal of a healthy diet, one aspect that makes it a little harder for consumers is the limited availability of convenience foods that are satisfying and delicious. So many diet foods know exactly as they sound – bland, tasteless, and unsatisfying. Who would want to eat that? However, direct diet is a great resource for food do not be put to maintain your diet.

Direct Diet not a product of their own supplements, but they are a website that distributes a variety of different brands to consumers. By holding so many different brands, consumers are more likely to be able to find the right snacks to accommodate your diet preferences or food allergies.

In an effort to help with the cost of these delicious foods, low prices combined company with a rewards program. The rewards program is very similar to the programs you find at your local grocery store, you earn points with every purchase. However, before winning points, you must first know about the products available through direct diet.

Products of the direct diet

Diet Direct offers a wide variety of foods. Since high protein snacks to weight loss supplements , this site has almost all the items you need to help you succeed in your weight loss program. Meals and snacks are available are accommodating to a vegetarian diet or a gluten allergy, with some brands, making it easier to meet their goals.

The company place customer service above anything else with the company, which is probably due to the fact that they do not create the products themselves. As an incentive to spend more on the website, consumers who spend more than $ 69 in a single purchase will be eligible for free shipping within the United States. Each category offers a different benefit and you keep your eyes on your goals.

diet rich in protein bars for weight loss

These protein bars are available as an appetizer or as a low-calorie meal when you do not have time to cook. High protein, delicious sandwiches are able to satisfy your hunger, but without filling the stomach with other ingredients that are unhealthy or unsafe for your weight loss goals . By adding protein, you also help promote good amount of muscle growth while reducing body fat. These are just some of the brands of nutrition bars larger audience available through direct diet:

  • Wonder thin bars ($ 12.95 to $ 13.45 for 7 bar)
  • bars BariWise ($ 12.95 for 7 bar)
  • Proti Diet bars (less than $ 14 for 7 bar)

Weight Loss Protein Shakes & Drinks

When want to lose weight, the best way to approach your plan is taking convenience snacks are healthy and nutritious instead of recipes that fill your body with oils and trans fats. When you overeat constantly, he has trained his body to crave junk foods that are not usually high in protein, which means you have to eat more to get that “full” feeling. This process usually results in greater weight gain over time. The website offers a variety of different brands, but some of the best brands to help you lose weight with a diet high in protein includes (but is not limited to):

  • Bariatric Choice
  • Wonder Delgado
  • BariWise

healthy, high protein snacks and desserts

When you want to satisfy your hunger, junk food can not fill the void . You need to eat foods that are high in protein to help subside hunger, and that’s one of the many things offered direct diet. One of the main keys to keep pace with its success Diet is the ability to find the convenience of healthy foods, rather than the bag of potatoes in the closet. The high protein snacks and desserts offered through direct content diet are low in calories and help balance the types and amounts of carbohydrates and right fats. Some of the sandwiches highest selling protein include:

  • WonderSlim Meal Replacement Pudding / Shake Chocolate Cream (7-count) ($ 12.95)
  • Diet Bar protein Caramel Crunch (7-count) – BariWise ($ 12.95)
  • WonderSlim Protein Snack bar ChocoMint (7-count) ($ 10.35)
  • Crunchers WonderSlim Cheddar (package 7) ($ 13,95)

vitamins and supplements

the choice of the right vitamins and supplements so that your body is essential. Whether you eat a balanced diet or if you have a tendency to lose a day or two, you can use these supplements to help balance the vitamins you need. The company uses high quality ingredients when they make their vitamins, and inventory includes (but is not limited to):

  • FAST-BOOST thermogenic Energy Drink Mix Orange (14 points) – Fully Delgado ($ 21.95)
  • WonderSlim EFA essential fatty acids (120 units) ($ 19.99)
  • WonderSlim Meal Replacement Drink Fruit Berry Blast (7-count) ($ 12.95)
  • Multi-Vitamin (30 units) – WonderSlim ($ 6.99)

Diet direct Incentive Program

If you want to spend a little less on their products, can join the diet direct rewards program. All you have to do is register on the website. With every purchase, you will receive 5% of the total purchase price in the WonderSlim points and BariWise products. For all other products, will receive 1% points.

You do not have to do anything to put points on your account, since they are automatically added to your account as soon as each order is sent to you. Points can be redeemed for credits to your account, but are only good for 60 days and can not exceed a maximum of $ 30.00 worth of points in a single purchase.

The company also has the “Buy More, Save More” program. With this program, you can get a minimum 5% discount for any order amounting to more than $ 99. When you are registered for the website, you are automatically enrolled in both of these great programs.

contact diet direct

to answer your questions about products, you can speak to a representative via live chat or by phone. The Live Chat agents speak with you in a chat window and ask your questions before starting the program. You can talk to someone verbally by calling 1-800-567-DIET (3438)


Diet Direct search process minimizes food diet right. With this website, you can try products from a variety of companies; However, even if you do not like the product, you still receive points that can be used to credit your account balance later to try another article.

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