Did You Know That This Popular Drink Can Destroy Your Liver?

There are many ways to deal with stress and mental fogs. The healthiest ways are reading, meditation, listening to music, exercising, etc. However, nowadays, people often turn to unhealthy habits like energy drinks, coffee and smoking when it comes to dealing with stress.


A mother in England named Mary Allwood developed a habit of drinking Red Bull to help deal with your busy schedule. First, she started with 1 or 2 cans a day, but as time passed his tolerance grew and began drinking more and more. Eventually he reached 20 cans a day.

She won significant amount of weight, and in November 2015, which ended in a hospital with severe liver pain. After all tests and MRI, doctors thought he was an alcoholic because his liver was twice the normal size. After researching they came to the conclusion that had fat accumulation in the liver due to high sugar content in energy drinks.

After she was released from the hospital, she stopped Red Bull and began drinking up to 7 liters of water a day. After some time he got back to his normal weight.

Energy drinks addiction is as bad as alcohol and cigarettes. Moreover, not only dinks energy, but also various foods they eat throughout the day that are full of sugars. This can lead to diabetes and other diseases. In addition, sugar can create an environment of cancers and tumors.

Getting rid of these energy drinks, and other substances, and try some natural ways to increase your energy.

Source: healthyfoodheadlines.com


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