Diabetics Patients can fast too.

When fasting, diabetic patients should be aware of the existence of hypoglycemia or blood sugar is too low, too hyperglycemia or blood sugar too.The device operation diabetic meal? When dawn broke and try to eat a healthy balanced diet, and slowed segerakan daybreak, drink at least eight glasses each day enough, and a selection of calories should be divided, to break the 50%, 10% after tarawih, and 40% in the madrugada.En choosing foods that contain carbohydrate, choose complex carbohydrates take longer combustion time in the morning, which is about eight hours .my suggestion for food and rest: Use 5sdm Herbalife Protein Shake + Powder 2sdm, Blender with 350 ml of water Friano forget to subtract and multiply dish fat fiber. DM drug to lower sugar, still drunk after eating rice, either when or before breaks acostarse.Además diet, people with diabetes is expected to keep care of your body making activity física.Llámame

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