Development of the Fetus Month Wise

Each month against thousands of eggs, only one mature egg during ovulation period when the chances of conceiving it is at a peak and this egg is discharged into the abdomen and then moves into the fallopian tube and moves toward the uterus. Sperm that have entered through the vagina into the uterus meet the egg and sperm of the millions injected, fertilizes the egg. This more food and slow is achieved and constantly develops into a fetus.

Then the monthly chart of fetal development occurs.

Development of the Fetus Month Wise

fetal development ( Month)

  • first :. eyes, heart, brain, inner ear, intestines, mouth, lower and upper limbs develop
  • In second: fingers, toes, face, knees, elbows begin to develop. bone deposition and fetal movement starts.
  • Third: external genitalia, lips and teeth begin to develop
  • [ fourth: box the taste buds and the voice develops. Eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, toenails and fingers also emerge.
  • Fifth: Hair growth can be observed and can sometimes appear as if the fetus is sucking her thumb. Limbs begin to move and this is felt by the mother.
  • Sixth Traces of the feet and toes are made up now. Fetus can hear the sounds that are being created in the body of the mother. It also opens and closes his eyes.
  • Seventh: The weight of the fetus is twice more than normal in a month’s time, at this stage that weighs about 1 -1.5 kg. red skin envelops the body.
  • Eighth: The bones begin strengthening and fetus mass gains. At this stage you can hear the noises from outside the body. Fetal weight is now 2-2.75 kgs.
  • Ninth: At this stage the weight is around 2.75-3.5 kg and the length is about 50-55 cm. The fetus begins to move down in the uterus as fully developed.

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