Developing Language Skills for Children

is an enriching experience to see how a child develops language skills, from the first time he or she blabbers ” Mom”. And you do not need, and should not, be a passive spectator watching the fun. Parents and teachers should be an active role in making children experts in the use of language.

Developing Language Skills for Children

A small child begins to use language creatively and purposefully before the age of four . Asking questions, making them think and respond. Children this age also begin to develop a sense of humour.It not make much sense for the elderly, as the humor in this stage is mostly laughed aloud after saying something out of context. Just go along with his son, and feels happy to know that he or she is showing an ability to go beyond a literal understanding of the spoken word.

After four years, the child begins to use language in a more active way. At this age, he or she is more interested in expressing a point of view instead of listening to others. Let the child has his ways, and listen patiently.Later, tell the child who has heard and it is now your turn to listen.

needs to see that children collect the social use of language by the time they reach five.Now, the language for them is a basic tool for learing.Children of this age are often shy to meet or mix with children who do not know well. This results in their not knowing what to say when they meet people. Help to prevent this by teaching some phrase like “Come, let’s play with my ball!”

Encourage children to have confidence to ask questions. This is crucial not only to gain knowledge in school, but also for personal reasons. Some children even can not find the bathroom during their first days at school because they have the courage to ask the teacher. One way to help them can be to make them ask for things at home, instead of giving them all in advance, anticipating every need. It could also cause the child to politely ask the local merchant for the things you need to buy.

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