DermCloth – Exfoliating Beauty & Skin Care Cleansing Cloth?

DermCloth is a product of skin care that is made with microfiber to help exfoliate gently pores of any skin type, remove makeup after a long day or to remove residual hair dye skin. The fabric is delicate to the touch, and does not require any cleaning or skin care products work.

What is the DermCloth?

Finding the right skin care for you can be a constant struggle products, putting her skin through harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. You may be exasperated with trying to find something that can treat clogged pores, but without making the rest of his face red and irritated. If you want a product that can handle all your needs exfoliants and then DermCloth is the best option.

DermCloth is known as a “Supercloth” on the website, since it is able to exfoliate the skin to dry time, and remove makeup or hair dye while wet. These two uses would be enough for most people who decide to invest in a product like this, but decided that a cloth manufacturers dual purpose would not be enough. With DermCloth, you can:

  • reduce the visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles
  • Despite her skin tone
  • minimize the appearance of age spots and discoloration
  • promote healthier skin
  • increase the growth of new skin cells, giving you a better complexion
  • improve the levels of elastin and collagen
  • minimize the appearance of large open pores
  • remove dead skin cells from the surface and pores
  • Reducing the obvious appearance of scars, acne scars, dry skin
  • Removes up to 99% of bacteria

the best part about this product apart from the long list of previous uses, it is that skin exfoliation can actually do other more effective products. When normally washed face, your cleaner can only go so deep into the clogged pores, which means that you are not getting all the benefits listed on the bottle. Once all of the accumulation is removed, the cleaner can get to the bottom of the pores and make your skin look like you’ve spent a day getting spa treatments.

How DermCloth works

While you may think that all the ways in which DermCloth functions require some complicated material actually is only made of a fabric of high quality microfiber. The fabric has extremely fine fibers, which are actually about 100 thinner than his hair. With these fibers, the fabric is able to get deep into the pores to remove dead skin cells, makeup surplus, and excess oil .

While this product helps exfoliate and treat the skin, it really helps motivate some important substances that occur naturally in the skin, such as collagen and elastin. By stimulating the production of these chemicals, which are capable of give your skin a radiant and youthful glow , which usually costs much more than DermCloth manufacturers are asking.

Although the DermCloth may seem too delicate to be able to make an impact, check the instructions below to determine the best way for you to include this product in your routine. Actually, it is strong enough to use throughout your body, but gentle enough for sensitive skin on your face.

Using the DermCloth

There are no specific indications for use DermCloth because the product is fairly simple. However, the website makes the state needs to use while dry to exfoliate the face and body before moisturizing treatments, as the semi-abrasive texture is more obvious in this way. If water is added, they become a soft cleaning material that can get rid of your makeup or remove excess hair dye chemical treatment.

Due to the variety of textures that can handle this cloth, it can be used on any skin type, regardless of sensitivity. DermCloth is so strong that can be used for up to two years before needing a replacement. Since this product is so effective that can benefit supplies to avoid shortages in the future.

The price of DermCloth

The retail cost is $ 29.99 DermCloth. However, since the product purchase through Amazon, you have access to a special discount, bringing the total price to $ 19.99. If you are a member of Amazon Prime program, you can even accelerate your delivery time at no additional cost.

The website DermCloth not really say that you can not buy this product on your page. Instead, you just automatically redirected to the Amazon list for DermCloth.

Customer Service for DermCloth

Getting ahold of someone with DermCloth is a bit more complicated than one would expect. There is plenty of information on the web regarding your rights as a consumer, but almost no contact at all. In fact, if you have any disagreements about the product or its ability to perform as stated, you are encouraged to seek the help of a mutually agreed mediator in Hillsborough County, Florida solution.

From the DermCloth only be ordered through Amazon, which are the only realistic option for refunds or customer service requests. If you look at the part of the web page containing information on your account, you will be able to see the order and file a claim, if necessary. In addition, you will see all your inquiries sent to Amazon, where you can find a tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipment.

The only way you can really find a way to contact the creators of the DermCloth is through their Facebook page. According to their profile, the company is based in Valrico, Florida and can be reached at (813) 840-3721.


DermCloth really is a miracle product, and essentially eliminates the need for many different formulas for skin care that are probably cluttering your medicine cabinet right now. By using this fabric in place, the velvety soft touch is obtained, but with all the benefits of a facial scrub or exfoliating treatment powerful quality spa.

Order a few today always have one handy, although it will take about two years before you need one at all.

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