Depression Recovery Activity Planner : Keeping Mood Journal

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Keep control of your life is of paramount importance when dealing with depression. If you allow the low mood, melancholy and the constant feeling of sadness take over your life you will be sinking into the gloom. A person who is in persistent depression may experience an aversion to daily activities, pessimism and Insomnia .

Depression Recovery: Keep a mood journal

is very essential for a person who is experiencing depression understand their feelings and emotions. if a depressed person knows about the fluctuating moods it causes possibly can help yourself by avoiding these kinds of situations and events. A daily mood every day or planner can help a lot in understanding patterns mood of a depressed person.

Keeping track of your daily activities is a very good way to keep things in control. It is suggested that a person should plan activities a day before and try to keep this schedule. Deviations that may occur in the beginning can be recorded and analyzed later. Daily planner Activities To recover from depression comes in handy.

How to use this planner daily activities

  • Fill the column Planned activity night before
  • Fill remaining columns at the end of the day
  • Analyze: Check if you did everything according to plan or not
  • Now try to figure out why it failed in some activities
  • note what was the mood at that time. Rate between 1-5.

After a few days of doing this daily exercise may seem some patterns in their mood fluctuations. For example, you may notice that a particular event triggers depression and anxiety in you, or can at any particular time of day when most feel low and depressed.

Download this planner to print Depression Recovery daily activity

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depression recovery activity planner


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Depression Recovery Daily activity Planner


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