Dental tourism & web infrastructure

Medical tourism has been largest in India for a long time. However, it is dental tourism is increasingly gaining momentum.

Formation 10 percent of the total Indian medical tourism is expected to grow about 30 percent to 9,500 million rupees INR 2015 Indian Dental tourism allows international patients to save aplenty in their treatments dental while exploring India. With world-class Dentists in various fields such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, Dental Tourism India is spreading rapidly.

India is the best place for dental tourism in order to save on their dental implants and the like. Dental implants in India have become an attractive proposition for people living in Western countries where health and surgical procedures are extremely expensive. But what should be done as a dentist to attract more and more international patients?

Attracting international patients

Places like Jaipur Chandigarh Gurgaon , Ahmedabad Mumbai and Chennai have been centers of dental tourism for decades. web infrastructure is slowly gaining the attention of patients and doctors alike, and is a force driving fast in attracting international patients. Some factors to be taken into account when trying to improve their practice in order to incorporate the dental and similar tourism:

  • Web site should be interactive and well-integrated
  • Online appointment Book must be provided so that patients can easily reach the doctor
  • the testimonies and images should show the former patients, to incorporate confidence in international patients
  • Show your costing and other details, including an organized tour, if you are providing that
  • optimization effort search engine – Blogs, YouTube videos, photos, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, among others

fear Factor

the basic fear among patients is whether they can trust the doctor or not. The important thing to remember is to be active and diligent. The physician should be active in all social media websites and answer questions immediately, providing accountability and builds trust.

With websites social media becoming a big part of anyone and everyone’s life, it is essential that doctors focus on it too in order to capture the attention of international patients and attract them to his clinic.

With a treatment performed on the rates of these flights as in India, the only place we lack is web infrastructure. Improve on that, and we are sure to excel in this area.

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