Delicious Homemade Bounty bars!

There are few things in life that we like more than the dream combination of coconut and chocolate, so naturally they were very excited about this #cococreation weeks! This beautiful home Bounty Bars are the perfect sweet coconut for addicts everywhere!

With a coconut filling 100% natural and without sugar, the only cross part of these delights is the chocolate coating (which can be as bad or forgiving as you like!). The recipe requires only 4 ingredients and could not be easier so lets get cooking, eating and sharing!

What you’ll need:

To the center of coco:

– 175g desiccated coconut

– 4 tablespoons syrup coconut

– 1 can coconut milk

for the chocolate coating:

– 200g of your favorite chocolate (Black or! milk)

Let’s start!

1. Open a crack in his can of coconut milk, checking that has not been shaken, then carefully pour the aqueous liquid at the top so it just stays with coconut milk thick, white creamy!

2. Then empty the tin in a bowl and add desiccated coconut and coconut syrup, then mix until well combined!

3. Time to separate the mixture into 8 or 16 balls of equal size (depending on whether you want big rewards bars or fun size!), Then place on a baking sheet and mold in the form rewards classic!

4. Pop coconut bars in the refrigerator to chill for an hour and relax!

5. After 50 minutes, move to melt the chocolate using a double boiler or in the microwave, making sure it is not exaggerated or bumps!

5. Finally, use two forks, dip each coconut bar in the melted chocolate, then place them back on the tray in the refrigerator to set.

6. Time to enjoy your delicious creations! Source:

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