Delicious Dill is Also a Healing Herb

dill, Anethum graveolens scientifically known as, is a perennial herb part of the family of celery. Dill is used as medicine and as a flavoring in food. Its fruit is aromatic and tasty, best used fresh, as it quickly loses its potency. The fruit is often called dill, to differentiate it from the seed, which is often used to flavor food.

Dill grows worldwide, and that flourishes in rich soil with good drainage, during the long, hot summers with plenty of sunshine. The seeds can be used by three to ten years for growing new crops. Never dill plant near fennel, however, since both tend to hybridize.

The dill plant is tall, with flowers and yellow feathers, blue-green leaves. You can harvest the seeds just as they are maturing. Cut the flower head, then place the seed head upside down in a paper packet and leave to dry in a warm place for about a week, after which it can be stored in an airtight container.

dill Culinary uses:

Dill is often used in food preparation. dill leaves are best used fresh, but can also be lyophilized. The fruit and leaves are excellent in sales. The seeds are oval, brown, soft texture and spicy flavor. They are commonly used in pickles, but they are also an ingredient in delicious soups, salad dressings, curry, meat dishes, breads and cheeses.

dill Healing Uses:

The word “dill” comes from “dylle,” the Anglo-Saxon word for “calm”. The herb has been used for centuries to cure digestive problems and even as a tranquilizer.

Dill is a component of herbal medicines used to treat a variety of conditions:

1. Flatulence, digestive orders and stomachache.
2. muscle cramps and intestinal spasms.
3. Bad breath.
4. flu, colds and chronic cough.
5. Colic in infants and low milk production.

Herbal medicine using dill may include fruit, or seed oil. It can be consumed, used topically, or chewed.

To take advantage of all the many possibilities offered by this herb, dill plant in your garden, or grow a pot in a sunny place near your kitchen door.

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