Deciem NIOD Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate

As someone with a zipper instead of a pout, lip products-fat are of more than passing interest. I grabbed the test sample Deciem NIOD Concentrate Lip Bio-Lipids ($ 60) with uncharacteristic haste. But this, being NIOD, was ordinary antiaging lip plumper. It was so rare that I do not use it for a week, feeling confused and intimidated by the instructions. I got over it, of course, and found a sculptor lip love. But first, my trip there.

Here it is what made me shiver: The instructions say, “To avoid reddening of the surrounding skin, apply only a very small amount with fingertip directly on the lips not apply on the skin. especially avoid sensitive areas. NIOD wash your hands after application lightly. “What kind of product you want to put on your lips, however, the risk of ingesting avoid skin and was out of hand? One that would leave the bathroom shelf until I had the time to research it.

turns out that Deciem NIOD Concentrate Lip Bio-Lipids is an asset that increases the redness of lips through improved circulation. I scanned the ingredients and realized that this was due to the ester nicotinic acid methyl . In the world of cosmetics it is a “rubefacient”, ie, which induces redness through the dilation of capillaries and increased blood flow.

This was enough for me to give it a try. I applied gently to his lips. Careful hand washing is superfluous later. My fingers did not turn red in the least. My Lips, on the other hand, were worthy white as snow. This was enough to enough to make me say “wow” out loud (you can take the girl out of England, but ….). I have to confess that this remarkable effect does not last long, but instant gratification gave me a big smile.

There is a buzzy, tingling – not unpleasant and I imagine it will be something that everyone experiences differently – that comes with some subtle Plumping. The serum-like liquid is enough to not run out of thick lips, but feels shiny, not sticky.

One month of use once a day gave my lips a smoother, less lined appearance. I think they are a little more complete teensy, but since I have a lizard lips, NIOD has its work cut out. The longer-term work include active peptides boost collagen, such as palmitoyl hexapeptide-12, suggesting early research can stabilize cells and helps with collagen production.

two compounds of interest are the bdellium-tree India – commipherol and commipherine – that work synergistically to stimulate storage of triglycerides by up to 400 percent. Something called Chinese Zhi Mu Bio complex botanical extracts is intended to produce an increase in tissue volume visible 10.4 percent. And then there is a patented unpronounceable addition (called Complex Dihydrodehydrodiisoeugenol) that improves the volume while doubling as an antioxidant.

More conventionally, there is a lip plumper well known that also has an intimidating name, propylmethylmethoxybenzofuran hydroxymethoxyphenyl, but promises to increase the fat cells in four weeks. This I could do with it.

Be NIOD, this is not the cleanest formula. However, although some ingredients have unpleasant chemical sounding names, which are mostly thickeners, synthetic oils, lipids and the like. The worst offender is BHT , a preservative with conflicting research on the carcinogenic effects.

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