Deciem Hylamide SubQ Eyes

Deciem Hylamide SubQ Eyes

By Pam G.

I’m 64 with skin dry, dehydrated and sometimes sensitive / reactive. Due to the loss of elasticity and crepiness, my eyes were about 15 years older than my face before starting this test Deciem Hylamide subQ Eyes ($ 35 in the shop). I used subQ eyes twice daily and started testing only in one eye and, as I describe below, the results were so impressive I have already extended use.

Hylamide subQ eyes tightly to a variety of eye problems using some very interesting ingredients. A bio-active glucose flavonoid works to lighten dark circles, and Darutoside complex helps lift caps. There are also peptides to smooth lines and, according to the company, its nonapeptide-3-Retino Complex is a technology that preforms a similar function as retinol, but without any irritation or unwanted side effects.

Simply put – I love this product. This is the only product that solved my severe dehydration under the eyes, and swelling crepiness not make my skin look drier. It hydrates and moisturizes – so it solves the problem I’ve had with “moisturizing” hyaluronic other brands or products, suck moisture and the life of my skin. It also gives instant positive improvement area under my eyes and I started noticing improved elasticity in less than 3 weeks. It works perfectly with concealer and I have to add another product from the top to get enough moisture or slide down my concealer. I’m surprised by all this for a good price.

have treated me MANY eye products at much higher prices that do nothing for me. My skin does not usually improve dramatically with any products, including those considered to be the Holy Grail for others. So this product is truly unique and contains just the right ingredients for my tough skin improvement.

The results have been so good I’ve also started to apply a small vertical line between the eyes and some wrinkles on the side of the nose. Wrinkles are greatly reduced compared with the other side of the nose where I did not try the product. I am now using the product in both eyes instead of just the eye test since the improvements were so remarkable.

Finally, I called to find out why Deciem could not use this on my upper eyelids, the instructions say to use only under eye area. They said they will change the instructions and the product can be used around the eyes. At the time of release of the original product, the study results were only available for the skin under the eyes. They now have the results of the use of the upper eyelids and eyes found subQ also provides a lifting effect. Since I just started used on top, I still have no results than the “beautification” immediate SubQ provides.

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